Saturday, October 31, 2020

4 Reflections for Pastors in Their Preparations for the Fall Teaching Season

The adage is that a pastor wears three hats: leader, teacher, shepherd. Those three areas often overlap in ministry, and there are seasons in...

Willow Creek – Serving a Church That Has Served So Many

Just a few hours before the initial launch meetings for Willow Creek Community Church’s new Senior Pastor search begin, Vanderbloemen founder and CEO William...

Why Mental Health Is Key to Healthy Teams

Brian and Irene talk about the impact of mental health throughout the Kingdom, how to nurture healthy communities and institutions, and considerations for employers...

Increasing First-Time Guests

How Connexus Church Created a Culture for Inviting New Guests I had a conversation a couple of weeks ago...

When Does a Church Need a Modest Revitalization? – Revitalize & Replant

Sometimes a wholesale revitalization isn’t what’s needed in a church. More often than not, small changes can make a big difference. Today, we discuss...

Developing Leaders for Small Groups

I shared in our most recent quarterly edition of The Unstuck Church Report: Benchmarks & Trends in Church Health that our data is showing...
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When Courage Isn’t Sexy

There is a kind of courage authors use as their clay for the molding of a love story. It’s the same...

Things To Do When You Are Totally Bored

Let’s face it, people are bored and scared.  The endless news reports keep you scared.  The endless limitations keep you bored.

The Can’t Miss Quality When Promoting From Within

In today’s reality of shrinking budgets and uncertain futures, many organizations we are coaching are promoting leaders from within rather than making...