Saturday, October 31, 2020


A few weeks ago I called a zoom meeting with some of my team to talk about an issue close to my...

What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

I hate not knowing things. So usually, when I’m asked a question to which I don’t know the answer, my brain goes...

Contextual Leadership: Why Leaders Must Adapt To Their Team

Speaking to Bill Simmons about the championship hangover the Golden State Warriors are experiencing, head coach Steve Kerr mused, “there’s a malaise...

These 8 Things Will Get You Out Of The Dumps

With American life systematically shutting down, it’s easy to get “low.”  We think negative, we talk negative, we spread negativity.

The Only Way to Grow Long Term

If you’re never willing to walk through pain or suffering, you’ll never become all that God wants to grow you into in...

The Long-Term Effects Of Paying Attention To Your Health

After a months worth of content, you have a great idea of what it takes to BECOME a healthy leader. You need to...

We Won’t Return To Our Old Normal – And It’s Okay

During this crazy COVID season, churches have learned how to engage with churchgoers online through Facebook, Zoom, Youtube, you name it. Some churches already...

8 Questions All Pastors Should Be Able To Answer About The Paycheck Protection Program...

As a church leader who took the CARES Act PPP loan, you’re likely receiving questions from your congregation about the details and...

3 Simple Activities To Improve Your Health

Becoming healthier in your leadership and life doesn’t have to be difficult. Though we often make health more difficult than it...

How To Turn Your Fear Into Conquering Faith

Fear is everywhere right now.  We are witnessing the rapid shut down of sporting events, colleges, and (in some places) large meetings. ...
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When Courage Isn’t Sexy

There is a kind of courage authors use as their clay for the molding of a love story. It’s the same...

Things To Do When You Are Totally Bored

Let’s face it, people are bored and scared.  The endless news reports keep you scared.  The endless limitations keep you bored.

The Can’t Miss Quality When Promoting From Within

In today’s reality of shrinking budgets and uncertain futures, many organizations we are coaching are promoting leaders from within rather than making...