Combine These 3 Forces and Watch What Happens


Are you looking a mountain in the face?  Does it feel impossible?  

Prayer moves mountains.  Just like dynamite can blow a mountain out of its way, prayer is “spiritual dynamite.”

Three Things Should Combine In Prayer To Move Your Mountain:

1. The force of WORSHIP.

Worship turns your face away from the “creature” and toward the “Creator.”

We tend to worship the “creature”:  the movie star, the athlete, the billionaire,  the house, the car, and anything else that has been “created.” 

Prayer happens the moment you lift your eyes above the “creature” and turn them toward the “Creator.”  He made everything, including YOU.  He gave you life and breath.  You give Him ALL worship, thanks, glory, and honor. 

Start your prayer time by lifting your eyes, your heart, and your hands toward heaven and begin to “worship.”  He is your Creator God who formed you, gave you breath, and has His hand upon you.


2. The force of AUTHORITY

In one powerful day, Jesus REBUKED (Greek “scolded”) a sickness from Peter’s mother-in-law.  

Later that day, while crossing a lake, He REBUKED a dangerous storm into a whimper.  

Finally, that evening, he REBUKED 6000 demons out of a man and into a herd of pigs.  What a day!

Notice that He really didn’t pray about any of these three.  He knew His authority. He spoke to trees, fish, and even corpses.

Maybe your prayers have been “timid, whining, and pathetic.”  Maybe you need to look at your mountain and SAY OUT LOUD:  “Mountain, be removed and cast into the sea’” (Mk. 11:23).

“Scold your storm.”


3. The force of PATIENCE.

“PATIENCE?  You think patience is powerful?”  Indeed, it is!  Patience is not passive.  It’s not just “hangin’ around.”

Patience is unwavering confidence that what you have prayed about HAS BEEN HEARD by God.  The answer is “on the way.

For Abraham, patience lasted 24 years. “Without wavering.”  At 99, he had a promise that from his body would come “multitudes of nations.”

He kept giving glory to God.  Nothing changed.  He kept “speaking to his mountain.”  Nothing changed.  He kept “calling (“summoning”) those things that don’t exist as though they existed.” No change whatsoever.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, his 90 year old wife conceived. That year, she bore a beautiful miracle boy, Isaac. 


Now, what does that have to do with your mountain?

Start by taking your eyes off of it.  The “creature” is consuming your time, your thought life.  Lift your eyes a little higher and start to worship the “Creator” who MADE that mountain and before Whom, “nothing is too difficult.”

Now, engage your mouth.  Speak a particular Bible verse that has really engaged your faith.  Personalize your mountain in that verse and say, “Mountain of _______________, move.”

Finally, relax.  Praise God that you are as sure of your answer as if Amazon sent you a notification that it had been “SHIPPED.” 




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