Marriage Unmasked Trailer


A few weeks ago I called a zoom meeting with some of my team to talk about an issue close to my heart: MARRIAGE. It feels like every time I turn around in this season there’s another marriage falling apart.

This time of isolation has been a catalyst for so much in people’s lives—good and bad. It’s brought things to the surface that would have otherwise stayed buried only to be uncovered months or maybe years down the road.

It’s my heart that people know that they DON’T HAVE TO QUIT in this season, that they can be equipped to build their marriages STRONGER THAN EVER even in a pressured moment like this one.

And that’s how the Marriage Unmasked online event was born. We designed this event specifically to equip women with the tools they need to build their marriages strong & beautiful.

Along with a fun, LIVE event on October 16, I’ve enlisted some of my friends who have navigated their own challenges in marriage to share in some exclusive Marriage Unmasked sessions covering topics like “Marriage Under Fire” and “Rhythms of Renewal in Marriage.”


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