Cnlp 549: Bill Mckendry on How to Build a Super Bowl Ad, the Marketing Mistakes Churches and Non-profits Make, and How to Brand When You Have No Budget


Advertising expert Bill McKendry breaks down how to build a Superbowl Ad that works, the marketing mistakes churches and non-profits make, the story and principles behind the massive He Gets Us campaign, and how to brand when you have no budget.

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He Gets Us

This episode is sponsored by He Gets Us. 

He Gets Us is a national campaign and movement designed to increase the respect and relevance of Jesus. 

This year He Gets Us will air TWO ads about Jesus during the Super Bowl. 

That’s right! Jesus will be in the Super Bowl! 

Every year millions of American families tune in to watch football’s biggest game. This year many of those families will be talking about Jesus. 

If that’s got you excited, then I want you to get involved so you can be ready to join in conversations about Jesus.

All you have to do to get involved is text SUPER BOWL to 70193. You’ll be signed up to receive insider info that gets you ready for game day. 

This is a tremendous opportunity to increase the respect and relevance of Jesus and I hope you’ll get involved. 

Just text SUPER BOWL to 70193 or go to to learn more.

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Quotes from Episode 549

We’re in God’s business. We don’t have a product to sell and we don’t have a profit to make what we do have is something to sell and it is life-saving. @Bill_McKendryCLICK TO TWEETDifferent is better than better. @Bill_McKendryCLICK TO TWEETSometimes a great campaign or a great message doesn’t start with a great idea. It starts with a great problem statement. @Bill_McKendryCLICK TO TWEETMarketing yourself and communicating about your organization is an investment, not an expense. @Bill_McKendryCLICK TO TWEET

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