Mother’s Blessing


As a mother, from my heart to yours, I choose to bless you in this way: 

May you reach the purpose for which you were created.
May you have courage for God, be bold and fearless.
May you not turn back or lose your confidence in Jesus.
May you have more passion for God than others think is necessary.
May you become a worshiper, recklessly abandoning yourself to passionate worship.
May you dream dreams that are beyond yourself and see the fulfillment of those dreams.
May you break every yoke or generational curse in your life.
You have people to influence that you’ve not yet met.
You have lives to change that are waiting for your arrival.
You are strategically placed wherever God takes you by His grand design just so you can
become everything He made you to be.
That place is the place where you can grow best. That place is the place where you can be the most fruitful.
That place is where the future is changed because of your presence.
May you soar above circumstances and situations in your own life on the wings of eagles.
May you be filled to overflowing with God’s liquid love and be healed by it.
May you then love others unconditionally.
May you bless your children and may they become giants of the faith, under the mighty hand of God.
You won’t fail!
For you were made by God to be here for such a time as this.

Love and Blessing, PASTOR DEBORAH


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