Being a Disciplined Leader Is a Choice

When you think of becoming a disciplined leader, what do you think about? Do you think about the effort and energy it takes to become disciplined? Do you think about changing your thoughts and actions?

Or do you think about changing your choices to become a disciplined leader?

The reality of discipline is that it does take energy and effort. To be disciplined means you will have to think more and do things differently.

Discipline also takes change. You can’t keep doing the same things you had done in the past. Those were undisciplined actions. You want to become disciplined.

To become a disciplined leader, you have to begin changing the choices you make. Being a disciplined leader is a choice. A constant choice.

Being A Disciplined Leader Is A Choice

Boiling everything down, you see that a disciplined leader knows how to make wise choices. They know how to make choices they don’t want to make.

Those choices aren’t because they’re bad choices. In fact, the choices a disciplined leader makes are better choices. These choices reflect health and wellness, respect and honor, and wisdom and knowledge.

A disciplined leader knows he cannot make choices that only benefits himself. His choices have to go beyond self-preservation to looking out for his staff, his organization, and his family.

These areas of a leader’s life aren’t always in direct alignment with what would benefit the leader or make the leader happy. Instead, the leader has to choose to set aside his wants and desires for those of others.

And that is a choice. A difficult, frustrating choice as you don’t get what you want. As you help others succeed and thrive. As you spend time away from loved ones.

But the choice is worth it in the end. Because you’re willing to set aside your own desires and choose a better path, the disciplined leader sees results.

He grows his mind. He grows his wallet. And he grows his relationships.

When you think of becoming a disciplined leader, know you will have to make a choice to set aside your selfish desires. You will be making decisions based on what is best for the whole rather than the part.

Question: How has becoming disciplined been a choice for you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.