Intentionality Is Where Your Dreams Begin


“The cavalry ain’t coming” (Chris Gardner quote).

You have to get off the couch and open the refrigerator if you are hungry.

Nothing comes to you.  You have to go get it.  You can’t depend on anything, anyone, or any other time.  God Himself is waiting on you to go get it.

I thought God would give me everything.”  He gives you permission to possess.  You have to throw out the claim jumpers and build your own city.

Possession is a verb, not a noun.

Here Are Some Steps To Possessing Your Dreams:

1. Stop procrastinating.

Procrastination is laziness and passivity in disguise.    It hides behind excuses and obstacles.  It wallows in pity.  It puts off destiny.

Has God given you a dream?  Angels will not carry you out of bed to fulfill it.  I have to make a plan, lace up my shoes, and walk it out.

2. Make yourself accountable.

Telling someone else your plan is the first step toward possessing it.  When you know that they know, it motivates you to follow through.

Write down your plan and hand it to a close friend.  Ask them to pray with you about it.  Report back to them at the end of every month then the end of the year.  Accountability will keep you going when nothing else will.

3. Face your failures.

I have determined to take possession of many areas of my life.  Some have been “starts and stops.”  The secret of success, I have learned, is to never stay down.

We all fail.  We all disappoint ourselves at our lack of follow-through.  You must talk to yourself:  “YES, I FAILED.  It does me no good to lay down.  I have to stand up again, get on the horse, and keep riding.”

4. Accept the persecution.

Some people don’t want you to succeed.  They delight to see you quit your dream.  They predict it and let you know that you will never accomplish it.

Instead of letting it crush you, let it motivate you.  Maybe they are partially right about your past efforts.  This is a NEW DAY.  Let their taunts, their jeers, their jokes about your efforts ring in your ears.  Forgive them, bless them, but energize yourself toward reaching your dream.  

See the finish line and you standing at it.  Go over your written goals and dreams every time you get off track.  We’ll see who laughs last!

5. Give all glory to God.

We can get proud in possession.  We then become over-confident, self-reliant, loud and proud.  Remain humble in your accomplishments.  

Give God all the glory when you experience success.  Praise Him out loud.  When Satan’s voice moves from “taunting” to “puffing you up,” tell him that he is a liar.  Give God ALL THE PRAISE.

You CAN reach your goals.  You CAN possess your land.  You CAN bring God great glory for what He accomplishes.



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