Satan, the Seed, and Prayer

For so long, we have misunderstood the intentions of the devil. Kingdom citizens must understand what Jesus is plainly teaching; in the Kingdom, Satan comes for the seed (the Word). If you are not studying scripture and you feel like you are under attack, you are simply self-destructing! Satan does not go after people. Satan does not go after possessions. Satan goes after one thing – the seed. Thus, if you are going through and feel under attack, but you are not living according to the Word of God, it is because you are “tripping” or destructing all on your own – not because Satan is attacking you. The devil is not in your family or your finances; you are just making terrible decisions for your life. In fact, the devil is your partner; you are his friend and ally when you do not study the Word. You have absolutely nothing that Satan wants if you don’t have the Word. Mark 4 clearly teaches us that it’s not personal – it’s the Word. It’s not that Satan has anything against you as a person; he just wants to steal the Word from your life!
When Satan attacks you, according to Christ’s teaching in this Kingdom parable [of the Sower and the Seed], he does so because of the Word. If the Word has the right to reign in you and you protect the Word by ensuring that you are good soil, the Word is going to produce a powerful and effective prayer life. If your prayer life is not present, it is not because Satan is fighting your prayer life; it is because he has taken the Word. There are a lot of people who pray, but they do not have any Word. Jesus says that we should ask the Father what we will in His name and He will do it. “In My name” suggests His will, His Word. How can you know the will of God without knowing the Word of God? You cannot have an “effective” prayer life without knowing God’s will for your life.
The Kingdom essentially is about the reign and rule of God, and this rule is also experienced by Satan and his kingdom. While we as believers are in spiritual battle, the battle is already won; John says that the greater One is in us (1 John 4:4), Paul says we are more than conquerors (Romans 8:37), and in the book of Revelation, it states that we overcame him (the enemy) (Revelation 12:11). The believer understands that in the Kingdom, his or her authority is in the written decree of the King – “As it is written.” The power and authority we have over Satan is rooted in the authority of the King. The Kingdom is the dominion of the King, the King’s domain – His authority, rule, and reign. Dominion is a Kingdom term. God as King has dominion over Satan, sin, sickness and disease, situations, and the saints. God alone has dominion. Now that’s cause for rejoicing!