Neal Bosshardt: You Are the Salt of the Earth—lessons from a Salt Miner


One of the fascinating details that I’ve learned about salt since the book and Bible study released came from a priest.

He explained that the holy water he uses isn’t just blessed, but it also contains a pinch of salt. Why? Because when people are baptized the church, when the water dries it leaves a thin coating or residue, reminding each one that they are the salt of the earth.

Well today, I’m talking to none other than Neal Bosshard, who has been working in his family’s salt mine since the age of 11.

Not only do we dive into salt passages in the Bible, but you know it wouldn’t be The Joycast without a culinary twist. So you’re going to discover the difference between various salts, how to pick a true, high-quality salt for your table? And even when the best time to add salt is when you’re cooking.

So pull up a chair! You don’t want to miss this delicious episode.


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