Can You Throw Down Your Dream?


We all have a dream, an occupation, a calling.  You dream of success, influence, and significance. God gave you your dream.  Can you give it back to Him and let Him resurrect it?

We can become “driven by the dream.”  So many leaders clutch tightly to their goals and dreams, clutching tightly to them until they destroy themselves.

Throw it down.”  God told Moses to “thrown down your rod” then “take it up again” (Ex. 4.). Could it be that by releasing it to God your dream will be resurrected?

Here is what that means to me:

I cannot put anything ahead of God and my family.

Success, significance, and accomplishment can never take the place of relationships.  Moses and his wife Zipporah had a notorious fight right after the incident with the rod.

Have I allowed my dream to outrun my relationships?  Have I gotten out of balance with accomplishment and left behind a wounded spouse, a lonely child, a neglected friend?

It’s never worth it.

I have to balance “productivity” and “pace.”

God gave us the Sabbath.  Why do so many of us never stop producing (mentally or physically) seven days a week.  We need more money, more titles, more feathers in our cap.

God told Adam to “BE fruitful, and multiply.”  “Being” is a state of heart.  “Multiplying” is productivity.  As my college professor said, “Work to full capacity in a relaxed state of faith.”

Let your heart stay fruitful, balanced, and paced.  Then, your productivity will multiply.

Brokenness precedes blessing.

Moses’ rod became a snake!  Every calling, occupation, and dream has a temptation inside it.  The “rod” is power, and God knows that if we hold it too tightly it will destroy us.

Throw it down.  Let it go.  Give it back to God.  Brokenness is when I release my gifts back to God.  I don’t have to have ANYTHING in my life but a relationship with God and my family.

God has a better version of your dream.

The “snake” turned back into a rod when God told Moses to, “Take it by the tail.”  Now, his shepherd’s staff had supernatural power.  It had ten plagues power.  It had Red Sea splitting power.  It had water from a rock power.

Whatever you put at the Lord’s feet He will give it back to you…BETTER.  He doesn’t want your dream, He gave it to you.  He wants your dream to be under His control, not yours.

Stop, right now.  Whatever is your dream, your rod, your gift, your calling, throw it down.

God just wants to see if you have it or it has you.

Now, you can live your dream.  It belongs to God.  Satan cannot use your dream to destroy you.

I think God has an amazing calling on your life.  He just wants to be sure that it is His calling and not your ambition.

Throw it down.”