Semble: Helping Nonprofits Secure Low-rate Loans Since 2007

By Jacob Nemeth (July 21, 2020)

The story of Semble dates back 13 years ago to a situation that changed the course of a private Christian school’s journey forever. Our Founder and CEO, Todd Tarbert, was the president at his kids’ school and the opportunity arose for them to purchase the property that they had been leasing. Todd with his background as an attorney and with his experience raising venture capital for for-profit companies including Amazon, knew that with their financials they would not be able to secure a traditional bank loan to fundraise the property purchase. Todd and the board members at the school devised a plan to raise capital through investments made by the families and alumni affiliated with the school to purchase the property and pay a lower monthly payment then they were paying to lease the same property. He gathered a list of the donors for the school and was able to in a few short months raise the 5.6 million dollars required to purchase the property.

They were able to achieve an objective in buying their property, they previously thought impossible through the implementation of the processes that Semble still utilizes today. Todd was so inspired by this situation with his kids’ private Christian school that now he has made it his mission and the mission of Semble to transform nonprofits and the people they serve by offering low-cost capital to nonprofits around the country by facilitating a process by which nonprofits are able to lower their monthly payments on loans by 30-60%.

Are you a nonprofit struggling to find a loan or know a nonprofit that wants to expand their programs? Look no further then Semble for all your nonprofit’s loan needs. Semble’s platform allows nonprofits around the United States to achieve their goals. Traditional bank loans can be incredibly difficult for nonprofits to secure and result in outrageous monthly payments that drain the cash reserves necessary to continue growing their ministries. Semble does not eliminate any options but provides a comprehensive approach to providing loan options for nonprofits. Semble’s unique approach provides low-cost capital to nonprofits looking to acquire new property, undertake new building projects, and refinance their current loans. We do this by allowing the communities that support nonprofit organizations to invest money into fundraising the loan needs of their favorite nonprofits.

The nonprofit chooses the interest rate to pay back their investors (typically 3-4%) and the minimum amount (typically $10,000) they would prefer to receive from investors and then they reach out to their communities of supporters to fundraise the loan. This is unique because it allows their communities of supporters to practice “social investing”, they get similar rates of return to that of government bonds but are making investments into communities they love and support. We find our model offers three key benefits to nonprofits:

⦁ Low-cost capital for nonprofits
⦁ Encourages greater involvement from a nonprofit’s supporters
⦁ Results in increased charitable giving

Starting a nonprofit and not sure how to secure a bank loan? Our comprehensive approach does not eliminate any option. Our model allows young nonprofits to raise as much as capital as possible towards fundraising the loan and then using our relationship with banks to secure the remainder of their loan need (Note: this is not guaranteed, the nonprofit must meet the banks underwriting criteria). This combination of Semble loan and a bank loan still results in a much lower monthly payment than a nonprofit would be able to secure if they could secure a bank loan. If you or a nonprofit you know is in need of a loan, please contact Todd Tarbert (CEO/Founder) at 206-412-3092 or email him at or Jacob Nemeth (Director of Client and Investor Relations) at 626-848-2038 or email him at