2 Drivers of Healthy (or Unhealthy) Culture – Culture Series Part 2


Which comes first? Culture? Or Behavior?

Does culture drive behavior? Or does behavior drive culture?

Well, the answer, of course, is both.

Culture is determined by the accumulation of all the behaviors in an organization.

Every organization has a culture.

Culture happens either by design or default.

We don’t have to try to build a culture in our organization. One already exists!

Behaviors dictate a certain culture.

Culture happens. (That would make a great bumper sticker, wouldn’t it?)

However, culture can also drive behavior.

For example, at the Vanderbloemen Search Group, one of their Cultural values is “Radical Responsiveness.” This cultural value drives their behavior day in and day out. They pride themselves on their radical responsiveness to their clients and they hold themselves accountable to that value.

Another organization I’m part of has a key value of FUN. You heard me, FUN. They hold each other accountable to having fun, as well as each staff member being a fun person to be around! They don’t allow critical, or negative staff to hang around. I can honestly say I haven’t met a staff person there, that’s not fun to be around there!

Culture should be backed up by behaviors!

This week I’m helping you take advantage of this quarantined time by giving you the tools to work on the Culture so your organization can reemerge from the COVID-19 Crisis stronger.

Yesterday I sent you part one: Why You Must Work On The Culture. You can read that HERE.

Today, I’m giving you the two things that create healthy or unhealthy culture!

At the end of the day, a healthy or unhealthy culture will be determined by two things:


The dominant driver of health and growth among teams in today’s leadership economy is culture.

Healthy culture doesn’t happen by accident.

We must be intentional about the culture we’re seeking to build or maintain.

You’ve got to want it, work for it and stick to it.


Culture is often created by what is tolerated.

Systems and coaching are needed to hold ourselves and our organization accountable to maintaining the culture we’re seeking to live out!

This will requires both courage to hold others accountable and coaching to keep us as the leader accountable.

What about the culture in your organization?

What’s healthy? What’s less than healthy?

What parts of the culture have been determined by design? By default?

Today, start building health into your culture.

Be clear. Be consistent. Be bold. Be courageous.

Before you know it, you (and everyone else) will love being part of your team.

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