Friday, March 24, 2023

Porn to the Rescue?

Talk about a perverse response. Talk about the exact opposite of what we need to be doing during a pandemic. Talk about feeding the...

How Did Hollywood Get so “woke”?

Why do so many members of the Hollywood elite espouse such radical, leftist causes? Why are they so pro-abortion, so pro-queer activism? Why are...

Trump Takes Out a Terrorist: Good News or Bad?

It’s not every day when major voices as disparate as Piers Morgan and Rush Limbaugh agree. But when it comes to Democratic (and, more...
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Learning Leadership Is an Act of Worship

Note From Dan: Pastor Chris Morgan, serves as Worship Leader for our Central Campus at 12Stone Church. Chris is a good friend and I deeply...

11 Things a Pastor’s Kid May Be Thinking

I am the daughter of a pastor. I'm also friends with many other pastor’s kids. Once a pastor’s kid, always a pastor’s kid. If you're a...

Are You Managing Your Mind Chatter?

Chatter constantly fills our mind. It’s in our consciousness but we are often not aware of this chatter, self-talk. Our mind simply wanders a...