Monday, June 27, 2022

What Ruts Are Hurting Your Marriage?

Mark: Several years ago, Jill and I and our son Austin traveled to Yellowstone National Park. On our way there, we stopped at a historical...

Teaching Kids to Love the Bible

I am raising two young men, and that means I am forever shoulder-deep in dirty laundry, empty milk cartons, and discussions of bodily functions....

Why We Need to Let Go of Holiday Traditions

Several years ago, we didn’t spend Thanksgiving with a single one of our five adult children. Did it feel odd? Yes. Was it the...
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Dropping the Denominational Label from the Church Name: 8 Post-covid Trends

Our team at Church Answers is following closely the trend of churches dropping the denominational label in their name in the post-COVID era. Though...

Church Planter, Are You Running on Fumes?

Written by: Bill Riedel  Bill Riedel is the founding and lead pastor of Redemption Hill Church in Washington, D.C. He was formally trained at Trinity International...

How Can Leadership Styles Differ In Different Industries?

The same leadership styles and skills aren’t always applicable to every industry or field. There are certain leadership styles that can be more suitable...