Know the Psalms As Never Before


For centuries, Christians have turned to the Psalms to teach them to pray, to worship, and to grow as disciples. A new series from Christian Union offers you the opportunity to deepen your experience with God through the words of the Psalms. More than typical Bible study, these volumes offer a devotional commentary that is more text focused and rigorous than most devotionals, but also more accessible and application oriented than a commentary. 

Proven through Christian Union’s ministry on the campuses of Ivy League universities, these studies provide a deep understanding of the Psalms through historical background, the meanings of key Hebrew words, and the underlying theology of the Psalms. The insights flow from an informed, responsible exegesis of the text, drawn from the best biblical scholarship and presented in an accessible and concise format. 

Through these new Bible studies, crafted for Ivy League Christian leaders, you’ll find theological implications and personal applications drawn from the text in a way that goes beyond traditional commentaries. The aim is to provide accurate and insightful commentary on the text, but to present that commentary in a way that is more engaging and accessible for the average reader than a commentary would be. 

And these studies will help you relate to God out of a deep understanding of God. Every lesson will draw attention to what each passage teaches concerning God’s character. The result is more than intellectual knowledge. It’s experiential knowledge.  A Bible study that connects head and heart. 

The new Christian Union Bible Study series includes three books: Psalms 1–41, Psalms 42–89, and Psalms 90–150. Each book has 10 lessons, and each lesson is divided into five distinct parts. Engaging questions and open space with lines for writing make these studies great for personal reflection or group discussion.

“I am excited about the release of Christian Union Bible studies because of the in-depth teaching and emphasis on the impact of the Word in the personal spiritual life of the reader,” says Christian Union Founder and CEO Matt Bennett. 

If you want to grow in your faith through in-depth studies of Scripture that supplement your regular Bible reading, this is the perfect resource for you. 

  • Far more teaching content than most Bible studies, with substantial commentary in every lesson
  • Accessible format, with each lesson divided into five distinct parts
  • Engaging questions for personal reflection and group discussion
  • Workbook format, with open space and lines for writing
  • Semester-friendly format of 10 lessons
  • Can be used both for personal study at home and for church or small-group Bible studies

Michael Racine, the author of the Psalms Bible Studies, has been encouraged during his time researching and writing the series of studies. “The Psalms are so wonderfully beautiful and practical, teaching us how to pray in all circumstances and inspiring faith, hope, and love as we behold our great God and Savior,” Racine reflects.  

Christian Union is a ministry developing Christian leaders at the Ivy League universities and beyond. Christian Union’s ministry and teaching fellows mentor students and lead challenging, academically oriented Bible courses designed to help students develop a robust understanding of Scripture and the Christian worldview.