Joining God In the Impossible, Part 2 by Eric Smith

I’m so glad you’ve come back to hear the testimony of the greatest miracle Brother R.W. Schambach said he ever saw in his lifetime of ministry. If you read part 1 of this blog, then you have the backstory already. If not, you can read it here before reading on!

Service opened that night and Brother Allen came onto the platform. I don’t know if you have every seen a Brother Allen service, but you can go on YouTube and watch one. He was very flamboyant and always moving around. The way the Lord used Brother Allen was like he could actually see a movie playing, and that was how he would get these words of knowledge. So Brother Allen came out that night onto the platform. About 3,000 people were packed in that auditorium, and Brother Allen said, “Tonight, we are going to receive an offering. Tonight’s offering is going to be an offering of faith.” Brother Allen he looked at the crowd, and the crowd looked kind of puzzled, like, “What are you trying to say Brother Allen?” This is the way Brother Schambach told me. I’m just telling you the way Brother Schambach shared it with me.

Brother Allen said, “Now, for those who don’t understand what that means, you’re going to give something to God that you can’t afford.” So he received the offering that night, and the first person who came to give an offering was the women with the four-year-old boy. She put the boy into her friend’s hands and ran down the aisle and put a $20 bill – all she had – in that bucket.

Brother Schambach said, “I saw her come down that aisle, and I jumped off the platform because I’m nosy. I wanted to see what was in that bucket. I know she told me she only had $20 left that afternoon. When I saw that, I went behind the platform and began to weep like a baby.” He said, “Lord, I’ve been trying to preach faith into that woman’s heart all this week, and Lord, give me faith like I just saw demonstrated. She would do anything – anything – to have a miracle for her boy!”

She gave it all. Think about that. She had told Brother Schambach that she only had $20, and $15 of that was supposed to be for the doctor’s appointment as soon as she got back to Knoxville, Tennessee. $5 was for gas. That’s when gas was 18 cents a gallon. I wished we all experienced that nowadays!

Brother Allen came out, received the offering, and about five minutes into the message, he said, “I’m being caught up in the Spirit right now.” And Brother Schambach was thinking to himself, “Here we go on another trip!” That’s how Brother Allen would be used every night. Then Brother Allen said, “I see this big, white building. I see it looks like it’s a hospital. I see a big cross on it, and I’m hearing babies crying. I know I’m in a maternity ward right now. Okay, I’m in a maturity ward, and I see this in Knoxville, Tennessee. I see doctors around a woman who just gave birth to a child. There is about 10 to 12 doctors around them. They look concerned, and the doctors are saying the boy has been born with 8, 12, 16, 20….26 major diseases.” Brother Schambach heard that and jumped out of his chair. Brother Allen said, “Tonight is that boy’s night! I’m seeing in this vision a woman with her child. The child was supposed to die, wouldn’t live to be one year of age. The doctors were wrong. The child is now four. I see her traveling with a friend. I see the Tennessee/Alabama border.” He said, “Ma’am, I see your vehicle pulling on this property right now. Bring me your baby, and God’s gonna give you 26 miracles.”

That woman ran down the aisle with that four-year-old boy in her arms. Brother Allen said, “Can I hold the child?”

“Of course” she said. She gave the child to him, and he began to pray.

He said, “Here is what I want everybody to do, 3,000 people: I want you to close your eyes and begin to pray.”

Brother Schambach said, “Uh-uh, Brother. I’m going to be scriptural tonight and watch and pray. I’ve been preaching to that lady for seven days, and I’m going to see what God’s going to do myself!” Brother Schambach watched everything.

Brother Allen began to say a simple prayer. “Lord Jesus, by the stripes You bore, this child is well and whole. I thank You for touching him tonight. I would thank You for the miracle coming underneath my hand. Let the nail-scarred-hand recovery touch this baby, and let this child be made well.

Brother Schambach said, “I watched this with my own eyes. The first thing I saw was that boy’s tongue, which was hanging out, snapped back into his mouth just like it was a rubber band – that fast! Then the milky look in the child’s eyes began to swirl, and it looked like whirlpools. Within seconds, I saw two beautiful, brown eyes!” Brother Schambach sensed in heart that if God opened his eyes, the Lord would touch his ears. The next thing he saw and actually heard – I told you how the arms were matted to the chest and the legs and knees were in the belly button – it sounded like cord wood breaking. He said, “I saw the arms begin to stretch out and then I saw the legs begin to stretch out. I remember playing with silly putty as a child. It looked as if I saw God create feet on that boy with my own eyes. It looked like silly putty being expanded. I literally saw the toes come into existence!

When this miracle happened, Brother Allen put the child down. The boy ran to his mother for the first time and jumped into the mother’s arms and said, “Mama!” for the very first time. The place just broke out in praise and thanksgiving!

That wasn’t the end of the miracle. He said, “Back in those days, people would bring stretchers from hospitals. They had about ten to twelve stretchers in there and ten to twelve people in wheelchairs. They had nurses there. Some people had hanging IV bags with them. They were terminal people. They were going to die. Many had cancer and various other terminal diseases.” He said, “Eric, after we saw that miracle happen, everyone’s eyes went to the people in the wheelchairs we had on one side of the platform. Just like a maestro sergeant giving a command, every one of those people popped out of their wheelchairs simultaneously, completely healed! All the pain was gone! The crowd went from the wheelchairs to the people in the stretchers, and within seconds of the people in wheelchairs standing up, people took their IVs out. They were ripping them out of their arms, all pain gone! They walked out of that building completely pain-free and healed by the power of God.

People started coming down to the altar and leaving their hearing aids.” Back in the ‘50s, hearing aids were like transistor radios – big! They started throwing them on the platform. People said, “We can hear! Our deaf ears are open!” Brother Schambach said six people came down to the altar that were blind. They had those canes with six inches of red on the bottom. He said, “Canes were flying through the air. They were saying, ‘We are healed as well!’ That night, Eric, I’d never seen it before nor have I seen it since, I felt like the Lord Himself, God Himself, came into that building and touched every single person. Everyone in the building who needed a miracle had a miracle that night!”

Brother Schambach would tell this story on national television and in churches. It changed him. And I love this story because I know that God is not a respecter of persons. What He did with and through Brother Schambach and Brother Allen, He can do through us as well. We just have to be yielded vessels.

What a night that that must have been to see everyone in the building receive their miracle! Do you want to see that for your church? Your community? I believe God is going to do amazing things in 2023. Will you believe?

God has anointed and equipped you to lead. He’s given you a great calling – one that will touch and change people’s lives for all eternity. I pray for you that God will remind you of your call, increase you, add to your ministry on a daily basis, give you a wonderful staff and support base that frees you to do all He has called you to do. Many people will come to Christ this year. Choose to be the vessel God uses as He chooses to reach them.