Cnlp 547: Sean Morgan on the Succession Crisis In America’s Church, What Makes Pastoral Succession Successful, and Pro Tips for Outgoing and Incoming Leaders


Nobody in the church today has the breadth and depth of experience as Sean Morgan does when it comes to creating successful pastoral succession plans. Sean and Carey discuss pro tips for incoming and outgoing leaders, what makes pastoral succession successful, critical mistakes outgoing leaders make, and the way forward in the pending succession crisis in the church.
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Art of Leadership Academy
A leadership transition is a pivotal season for any church—it can lead to a vibrant future OR it can ruin a great legacy, harm a congregation, and make the new lead pastor a sacrificial lamb.
If you are currently going through a pastoral transition or are preparing for one in the future, I’m sure you understand how complicated and challenging it can be, even when you know there’s a brighter future ahead.
Well, today’s podcast guest, Sean Morgan, and I have teamed up to equip pastors and churches to navigate these transitions smoothly and successfully. The Art of Pastoral Succession is our brand-new online course that combines real-world lessons, expertise, and wisdom to answer your toughest questions about succession.
Sean has mentored and coached hundreds of America’s most influential pastors through transitions, and as some of you know, I’ve been through a transition myself. A few years ago, I transitioned out of the Lead Pastor role at the church I founded and passed leadership on to my successor, Jeff Brodie.
From start to finish, we outline a step-by-step succession plan and timeline for your church to follow so you don’t make the same mistakes that so many churches do.
Visit to learn more.
If you join before February 1st, you’ll get instant access to an exclusive Pastoral Succession group that Sean and I are running. In the group, we’ll discuss key concepts covered in the course, have meaningful discussions about navigating your own transition, and pair up with pastors and mentors to lean on throughout the process.
Again, that’s to learn more. Join before February 1st to get in on the exclusive Pastoral Succession group.
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Quotes from Episode 547
I knew that leaders who were willing to learn early on and make changes, were going to have the most successful transitions because they were willing to do things differently for the sake of the church after they left. @_seanmorganCLICK TO TWEETWhen a leader ultimately is not comfortable with obscurity, there’s something insecure in them that still wants to get the spotlight or get the credit. @_seanmorganCLICK TO TWEETIn the church world, we’re both team and family. And so when you’re stepping out of this leadership role, you’re really stepping off the team, but for many, many leaders, you’re still a part of the family. @_seanmorganCLICK TO TWEETWhen you’re leading, if you’re going so fast that nobody’s following, you’re not leading. @_seanmorganCLICK TO TWEET
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