One Simple Hack for Online Growth and Creating Great Content

“The HACK to Online Growth” is a sponsored post by Clint Rogers, founder of Pro MediaFire. Pro Media Fire is a creative digital agency committed to helping mission-based organizations amplify their reach.

In today’s high-speed world, we are all yearning for the ability to get where we want to go quickly and more efficiently. 

Although there is a place for 4-year universities and extended training programs, our “need for speed” motivates us to look for other alternatives for education and learning. We look to the endless archives of YouTube, online courses, and even individual coaching.

What we want is not just a quick solution but a simplistic way of learning without jumping through endless hoops. Who says that cutting corners is a negative thing? If you do it with intentionality, it can help you in the long run! 

If you’re looking for growth digitally, you don’t need to spend hours upon hours learning a thousand techniques to stimulate online growth.

We want to offer you a simple framework that will help you on your digital journey and teach you to reach more people online: The HACK method. We believe that if you follow this simple method, it will enable you easily create digital content and ultimately ignite growth for your mission

1) H – HEART

Think of the most compelling song you’ve listened to. Let your mind wander to the musical swells and emotional highs and lows of its melody. A good song can leave your heart soaring, move you to tears, and even make you burst out with laughter.

Like all good art, music can be a powerful tool to touch our humanity. But there is so much more to this art than cool instrumental breaks and brushstrokes. 

It is powerful because it was made from the heart. 

Without the element of the human heart involved, all art would be stale and lifeless.

In a like manner, the content you create and share makes the most impact when it’s created from the heart. Why is this the case? Because when something is made from the heart it tells a unique story that often goes beyond words.

The questions you have the opportunity to answer for your audience are these: How do I fit into this grand story? Why am I an essential part of this organization’s mission? 

When your content speaks a story from the heart it will invite others to want to learn what part they have to play.

Communication from the heart opens the doors to who you want to reach.

Communication from the heart opens the doors to who you want to reach.


We don’t share content for the sake of content; we share content to reach particular people. While the message of Jesus, in particular, is meant for all people, the language we use to convey this message differs depending on the person we are trying to reach.

Consider the Apostle Peter. After receiving the Holy Spirit, he was miraculously empowered to speak in tongues to the crowds surrounding him. He spoke to each individual at once yet was able to speak in their precise language. 

Our message and mission are meant for all, but we need to understand our audience well to reach them more effectively. The question is: Are you speaking your audience’s language? (And we don’t just mean literally!)

Are you speaking to their need? Are you speaking to their heart? Are you addressing their concerns and wants? Are you acquainted with their cultural context? These questions must be answered in order to reach your audience well. 

In addition to this, consider the different “digital languages” you can use to communicate. Graphics, videos, web copy, and newsletters are just a few of the different “languages” you can utilize to communicate with your audience.

While it takes time to learn the audience’s language and employ these different methods, you must know your audience to reach your audience. This is how you will see lasting results.

You must know your audience to reach your audience.