Cnlp 481: Ian Morgan Cron on How to Lead In a Season with No Wins, Overcoming the Fear of Getting Healthy, and How to Write a New Story

Insights from Ian

1. All humans have an inclination toward addiction

Ian and Carey begin the podcast by speaking about addiction and recovery. Ian speaks openly about his struggles with alcohol and drug addiction, but also makes the observation that everyone has the capacity to be an addict. Whether it’s drugs, pornography, alcohol, food, entertainment, or workaholism, we’re all primed to “self-medicate” and justify our vices. Both Ian and Carey caution listeners who assume they are immune to any sort of addiction – and to evaluate their own lives to root out any hidden (or “acceptable”) additions.  

2. All transformation requires a story transformation

In his new book, The Story of You, Ian Morgan Cron explores the “self-sabotaging stories” we tell ourselves about who we are. We pick up some of these stories in childhood, in response to trauma, or through osmosis within our culture. Unfortunately, these stories become embedded in how we view ourselves and the world around us, which can lead to unrealized potential, broken relationships, and an unfulfilled life. If we wish to change our life, we must start with these foundational stories that undergird the way we interact with the world.  

3. Our passions are often a source of our greatest strengths and weaknesses

Ian is perhaps best known for his work on the Enneagram, an ancient personality typology built around nine “types.” In the world of the Enneagram, each of the nine types carry their own unique healthy and unhealthy behaviors, often driven by a type-specific passion. In short, our passions are generally the root of our worst and best impulses. Understanding your Enneagram type can help you recognize and isolate the passions that are leading you to self-sabotage or excel.

Quotes from Episode 481

Life comes together when I embrace the fact that I have no control over it. @ianmorgancronCLICK TO TWEET

I think all of us have a story that we adopt in order to explain to ourselves and others who we are and how we think the world works. @ianmorgancronCLICK TO TWEET

All transformation is story transformation, period. @ianmorgancronCLICK TO TWEET

Life does not consult us about what it will do or not do. @ianmorgancronCLICK TO TWEET