Pastor Devotional | Be the Leader God Wants You to Be Right Now


As we continue our series of devotionals from pastors we have had the honor of placing, take some time to listen to this powerful wisdom that Josh Reich has to share for church and ministry leaders. If you are struggling with the feeling that ministry is just not as easy or successful as it was pre-pandemic, then this encouragement is for you. Josh is the Senior Pastor at Community Covenant Church in Massachusetts. In this video, he walks through the Lord’s words to Gideon, and the critical importance of keeping our eyes on our present ministry rather than getting caught up in the successes or failures of the past. 

It’s so easy to look back on how good things seemed to be in 2019 before the pandemic hit. But what we need in this season is not the gifts and numbers and resources of the past, but the equipping of the Lord right here and now. God has put you exactly where you are meant to be leading, so go in the strength you have to do God’s work today. In Josh’s words, “you are the leader that your church needs in this season- not the last season, but this one.”