God Finishes His Work


The presence and anointing of God is a powerful weapon against our enemies. His anointing destroys every yoke of bondage, every limiting factor we may face. As we receive Him, we taste victory. His power changes everything! Praise the Lord!

Today, many believers are facing depression, frustration, suicidal thoughts, and demonic oppression. These are signs that the enemy is on the attack. But we don’t have to be sitting ducks! We can surrender all to God and seek His presence, and He will fight for us. He will work wonders – miracles! – on our behalf!

The key to overcoming an enemy attack is to keep our faith in Him strong. Even faith the size of a mustard seed can change our lives, heal us, and free us. 

Our faith is vital to knowing who we are in Christ Jesus. At the beginning of Genesis, God created the heavens and the earth. In verses 3 and 4, God spoke, and light appeared. God saw the light and said that it was good. I used to wonder why God saw, or inspected, the light. I turn lights on, but I don’t look up at them. But God is into quality control. He looked at the light to make sure it was 100% the way He wanted it to be.

In fact, in the 31st verse, God inspected everything and said it was perfect, very good, not just good. God doesn’t make mistakes, and all His creations are perfect.

There is a story in Mark 8 in which some people were concerned about a blind man, so they approached Jesus. They were looking to help this man, but what they got was Jesus-spit in his eyes! You are probably wondering why Jesus did that. 

Sometimes, God works in a way we can’t understand, a little differently than what we think.Maybe Jesus was finishing the process of creation in this man’s eyes. From dust we have come and to dust we shall return. Spitting on the ground and anointing the man’s eyes was a completion of healed eyes that should have been perfect from the start. God likes things perfect!

Have you ever started a project or read a book but didn’t finish it? Well, God has never done that; He always finishes what He starts. He’s working from the beginning until the end.  

When Jesus ministered to the blind man, He spat in his eyes, laid His hands on him, and said, “How do you see?” And the man answered, “I see men walking around like trees.” In other words, his vision was still unclear. Jesus wasn’t content that the man was able to see at least a little bit. He didn’t lose hope. He laid hands on him again, and then he asked him, “How do you see?” Everything was perfect this time!

Do you believe that God is the Author of your faith? If so, God, who started your story, will finish it perfectly. There would always be problems and tests in life, but God is so powerful that He can turn all sorrows to joys and all miseries to victories.

God loves you completely. He will never leave you or forsake you. Seek first the kingdom of God, feel His presence and receive His anointing. In everything you do, consult your Author first. For every battle, He will be your strength, and for every decision, He will be your wisdom. 

You are no longer weak because God has opened your heart to receive and His strength abides in you. You are no longer a slave of the enemy because God has already set you free! God will not leave your side in the middle of the battle, and He won’t leave when the sun is shining and you are completely satisfied with your life. He will be with you till the end. You can have faith in that truth!