Settle It Forever


There is a place in God where you are unstoppable and completely off-limits to the destructive effects of the devil. The Bible calls it an established heart. To develop this level of sacred tenacity, there are some important issues that must be settled forever into your being. Today we will cover four of these absolutes.

I’m Going to Follow Jesus Forever.
Following Jesus is different from loving Him. Some people follow Jesus until He asks them to do something they don’t want to do. This is conditional discipleship. They say, “Jesus, I’ll serve you as long as everything is comfortable.” Settle it forever that Jesus is your Lord and Leader. Learn to say. “Lord Jesus, I’m going to follow you and do whatever, wherever, whenever, with whoever, forever.” What joy! It’s safe to trust Jesus. He not only knows the way, He IS the Way (John 14:6)! Never turn back.

God’s Word is Final Authority.
An established heart on this absolute will defeat sickness, cancel debt and place you in a new realm in God. This is the place where “the wicked one touches you not” (1 John 5:18) There are many persuasive authorities: your doctor, banker, relatives and the media. In the natural realm they should usually be adhered to, but remember that you don’t always walk in a natural realm. There are times when Jesus will lead you to reject natural laws and place His Word above all others voices and opinions. Isaiah 53:1 asks, “Who shall believe the report of the Lord?” The answer is “I do!” The doctor’s report might be bad, but the report of the Lord is always good. Settle it forever! God’s Word is final authority over your family, finances and future.

Healing is in the Atonement
Some believers pray, “Lord, heal me if it be Thy will.” Don’t do that! It is ALWAYS God’s will (desire) to heal you. If you don’t believe that, then you have to believe He wants you to be sick. And if God wanted you to be sick to learn some kind of Life lesson, then you are wrong to go to the doctor. Let me ask you a question. During a salvation alter call do you ever pray. “Lord Jesus, save them if it be Thy will?” Never! We know God wants all to be saved because Isaiah 53:10 says, “He offered His soul as an offering for their sin,” but just five preceding verses says, “by His stripes, we are healed” (Isaiah 53:5). Sins AND sickness-Jesus’ blood covered them both once and for all.

Have you prayed for someone to be healed and they died? I have, but you must trust God’s Word over individual cases. Settle it forever! Healing is in the atonement. Commit those unanswered questions to God, Knowing that “the secret things belong to the Lord” (Deuteronomy 29:29). Evangelist Lester Sumrall boldly declared, “If everyone I know in the world dropped dead with disease, I’d still stand on their graves and declare, “Jesus is the Healer.” That, my friend, was an example of an established heart.

God is a Good God
Bad things do happen to good people. The Bible mentions “the day of trouble” eight times. In the midst of tragedy, it is tempting to blame God. Questions encircle your mind. “Why didn’t God prevent this?” Sometimes we just do not know why. Once again, our faith must be in God’s unchanging Word. Nahum 1:7 should be memorized by all believers: The Lord is good. A stronghold in the day of trouble and He knows them who trust in Him.” Settle is forever. No matter what comes your way, God is a good God. If you refuse to question the goodness and omniscience of God, you will honor Him with an established heart.

God IS a good God and He also wants to bless you big time. Ephesians 3:20 says that He wants to bless you “exceedingly above all that you could ask or think.” “He takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants” (Psalm 35:27). So, during the good times and bad, settle it forever! God is a good God. Spend some time in the Word and consider these four important heart issues. No everything in life is important, but these four declarations are issues that you must SETTLE IT FOREVER!

Written by:  Reverend Rachel Burchfield

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Chris D'Amico
Chris D'Amico, a Football Hall of Fame All-American wide receiver and minister of the gospel, travels throughout the United States sharing the uncompromising Word of God with signs and wonders following. He has served as a guest teacher at Kenneth Hagin Ministries Healing School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and often shares his musical gifting with the body of Christ. His music reaches into hearts, drawing them into a closer, a more intimate relationship with their Creator.


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