Dare to Believe: Week One

Many people believe that they need to convince God to bless them because He is reluctant to give His children good things. However, the reality is that His purpose and plan have already filled your life with good things. You do not have to persuade Him to bless you. In fact, Paul tells us that at Christ’s resurrection we who believe have received every spiritual blessing that heaven has.

When you understand that God’s design through the finished work on the cross was to permanently satisfy all your needs, it will give you the confidence to believe in Him.

“Father, I claim Your blessings today. I rejoice in Your love for me and Your desire to bless my life. I thank You for strong faith and a heart that’s fixed toward You. I believe the blessings of heaven are multiplied in my life, my family, my work, and my church.”

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Jim Hockaday founded Jim Hockaday Ministries, Inc. in 1991, and now travels and ministers full time in churches at home and abroad. Jim was the coordinator of Prayer and Healing School for Kenneth Hagin Ministries for 10 years. Jim Hockaday is an author of several books; the mainstay of his ministry continues to be the book entitled Until I Come. Jim emphasizes building an expectancy for any believer to do the works of JESUS. His quote, “The miraculous is a necessity so expect the impossible