The Amazing Value of Playing Dead

Paul spoke often that we as Christians are “crucified with Christ” and “crucified to the world.”  He told us we are “buried in baptism” and “dead to sin.”

In other words, he told us to “play dead.”  We are still very much alive but we have to REACT like a dead person:  “no reaction.”

Try It Out In These Situations:

“Play dead” when your flesh is tempted.

A dead person has no lust, no greed, no pride.  Their emotions, senses, and feelings are dead.

What is the most difficult temptation for you to overcome?  Are you fighting it physically, mentally…or spiritually?

When that temptation is in front of you, tell it out loud, “_________, I AM DEAD TO YOU.”  You are “crucified” to sin.  The Holy Spirit’s power inside of you has put to death the power of that temptation in your life.  In a few seconds, it will leave you.

“Play dead” when your flesh is becoming offended.

You can feel it rising up inside you when a certain person comes around you or starts a conversation with you.  They know how to provoke your spirit.

Play dead.”  Christ did not react on the cross.  He was not dead physically but He was dead to the jokes, slander, and ridicule all around Him.  He said, “Father, forgive them.”

The next time you feel anger and are tempted to step out of forgiveness, “play dead.”  Refuse to answer or react.  Inwardly, ask the Holy Spirit to give you His love, His peace, His patience, His grace.

In a few seconds, an inner peace will come upon you and those poisonous words you feel to say will subside.

“Play dead” when you suffer for Christ.

Any time we speak out for Christ, someone is going to seek to provoke us.  Our flesh gets upset at their jokes and and even at their rage.

Play dead.”  Stephen looked into heaven when the Council was standing around the pit where he was stoned.  Right before they stoned him to death, he said, “I see Jesus standing at the right hand of God.”  

He was “dead” before he was physically dead.  He did not react to their unfair, unjust accusations and their illegal persecution.

The next time you are taunted, laughed at, cursed at, or reviled because of your love for Christ, “play dead.”  

Do you see the secret?

Your flesh and your spirit are at war.  The Holy Spirit is within you to help you “play dead,” to de-sensitize you in the face of temptation, offense, and persecution.

No wonder we need the Holy Spirit living in us so desperately.