Addressing Mental Health and Inheriting Influence with Tyler Reagin

PODCAST | Addressing Mental Health and Inheriting Influence with Tyler Reagin

In today’s conversation, William speaks with Tyler Reagin, founder and CEO of The Life Giving Company, founder of the 10TenProject, and author of The Life Giving Leader and Leading Things You Didn’t Start. Tyler began ministry in service programming and production before moving into creative directing, leadership coaching, and consulting roles.

Within a period of 12 months, Tyler lost 3 friends, each pastors, to suicide. This stirred up a strong feeling in him that the church desperately needed interventions for male pastors, who become more isolated as they become more successful. What he and his partners developed was a 12-month process with community, monthly coaching, and mental and emotional health counseling for small groups of pastors- all with the goal of finding rest and a community of people that don’t need anything from them and can simply encourage them. The overall goal of this project is to be preventative in nature when it comes to mental health crises for ministry leaders.

Tyler also shares his thoughts on inheriting influence- the idea of taking over a role within an existing team or organization rather than starting something for yourself. He shares his tips for inheriting leadership, which he notes with the acronym E.P.I.C.: Evaluation, Patience, Implementation, and Care. 

This is a critical conversation for pastors who are feeling burned, depressed, and wondering if it’s time to hang up the hat. Tyler has closely observed pastoral struggles and has created a new vehicle to use preventive care to keep from burnout.


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