How to Absolutely Praise Your Way Out of a Crisis

Feeling low?  Overwhelmed?  Voices in your head say “Quit”?  I know exactly what you need.

It’s not a pill, a potion, or a prop.  It’s called “praise.”

A few weeks back I was riding to the store.  A dozen different tough situations stood up one at a time in my brain (shaking their fist).

As I felt overwhelmed, suddenly a voice spoke from my heart:  “Praise Me.”  “Praise Me with a loud voice.”  

Against my nature, I did it.  All I could get out was a whisper: “Hallelujah.”  He said, “Louder.”  

By the time I got to the store, I was shouting at every one of these problems about how great, powerful, and mighty my God is!  Guess what?  “THEY RETREATED!”

Here Is Why “High Praises” Work:

Praise drives Satan crazy.

  • You see, at one time, Satan was in heaven.  He was part of the huge orchestra of praise that plays nonstop to the glory of God.
  • Then, he got proud.  In a nano-second, he found himself crash-landed on earth.  It drives him crazy that we have taken his spot.  Keep it up, louder and louder, and he will run off holding his ears.

Praise brings God on the scene.

  • When I begin to exalt God, magnify God, and verbally lift Him high, He shows up!  He “inhabits the praises of his people” (Ps. 22:3).
  • All He is waiting for is for you to get your eyes off of the circumstances and on to Him.
  • He’s BIGGER than all your problems put together.  Stop right now and say it out loud:  “Father, you are BIGGER than _______________.”

Praise changes your perspective.

  • The more you stare at the world’s news sources the lower your perspective becomes.  It focuses on the worst, the dangerous, the hopelessness.
  • Praise is a higher perspective.  Things on earth look very tiny from a jet airplane.  They are real, they just look a lot smaller.
  • Calm down about your fears.  Get up in a higher “plane” where God is.  Praise your way to a higher perspective.

Praise releases God’s power.

  • Everyone knows about Jericho.  When the priests blew the trumpets, the entire nation gave a mighty shout of praise to God.  Suddenly, the high and fortified walls crumbled into dust.
  • The same thing happened when Paul and Silas were in jail.  As they praised God at midnight, suddenly an earthquake rocked the jail and their cell door flew open.
  • Praise is MIGHTY!

Praise connects you to heaven.

  • Heaven is filled with continual praise.  In the eternal Day, multitudes of angelic hosts shout praise and glorify the invisible God.
  • When you praise God, it lifts you into that atmosphere.  You can change the atmosphere of your home the moment you begin to praise!
  • No wonder my situation changed that day on the way to the store.