How to Prepare for the Eternal Day

Eat, drink and be merry.  For tomorrow we die.”

If there is no eternity and this life is all there is, why not do everything if it gives us pleasure?

Is there an eternal life after death? 

On this one question hinges your entire life.  Your decision about this question will alter your morality, your purpose, your career, your finances, and everything about you.

Is there a “day of eternity?”  If the answer is “yes,” how do we prepare and live our lives accordingly?

We keep our house in order.

Each day may be our final day or we may have thousands of more days.  Either way, we are only “strangers and pilgrims” on this earth.  Passing through.

Israel was told to prepare for their Exodus from Egypt with their clothes packed and their food prepared.  

“Stay ready.”  Someone asked, “Are these the last days?”  An accurate answer would be, “It could be your last days!”

We invest in eternity.

If we believe in an eternal day, we have no problem investing in eternal things.  Christ told us to “lay up treasure in heaven.”

We “lay-up” for retirement.  We defer pleasure for a season to enjoy rewards for our final years.  

Why not “lay-up” for eternity?  When we bless others, we are looking to the moment when Christ Himself will reward us.  We have not “lost” that money.  We have “invested it” into our eternal day.

We redeem our time.

If time is short and eternity is near, every day counts.  Every hour counts.  We don’t waste our time with endless things that don’t matter.

I love recreation, entertainment, and other pastimes.  God wants us to enjoy life.  

I balance those things with a reminder that time is slipping through the hourglass.  Whatever I am going to accomplish for God, I have limited time to get it done.

We find our purpose.

God gave you a purpose.  Your general purpose is to be a blessing to others.  Your specific purpose is to discover your gifts and give them to those you can specifically help.

An undiscovered gift is a wasted gift, and a wasted gift helps no one.  

Discover your purpose.  Become aware of your specific talents, gifts, and passions.  Find the place for those gifts to flourish and don’t stop until eternity.  

Everyone has a “row to hoe.”

You focus on relationships.

We work for the wrong things.  We focus on getting ahead financially and lose our marriage in the process.  We focus on retirement years and miss the growth of our children in the process.

Live now.  Enjoy your spouse now.  Enjoy your kids now.  When you are in eternity, they will remember who you are to them more than what you gave to them.

Relationships are all that you will take with you into eternity.