Scott Beck and David Kinnaman Take You Under the Hood on How Better Data Leads to Better Decisions, Crisis Leadership, and What Will Help You Emerge Stronger Into the New Normal


Scott Beck was the first franchise owner of Blockbuster video, scaling that company to 5,000 stores before moving on. He’s also scaled Boston Market, Einsten Bros. Bagels and, among others. More recently, he founded a new company called Gloo to help churches use data to do more effective ministry.

Scott joins David Kinnaman, President of Barna Group, to talk about how local pastors can use data to make better leadership decisions. Plus, they share how they’ve led through past crises, how each company has pivoted in light of the current crisis, and what they think the new normal will look like.

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Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About segment, Carey gives his latest thoughts on the COVID-19 crisis and how to respond as leaders.


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1.  Data-informed leaders become better leaders

As a leader, you trust your instincts. And trusting your instincts works out well for a while until things change, or you end up being wrong about something. Your lack of knowledge can become a roadblock if you never find out the truth. The problem is that, as leaders, we are hesitant to trust other people’s opinion and knowledge base over our own.

So, what will cause us to willingly change our mind? David has found that solid data is one of the most efficient ways for a leader to undergo a needed paradigm shift. That’s why he and his company have done everything they can to collect, analyze, and publicize critical data about the next generation in the Church.

2. Churches that thrive in Digital Babylon need to embrace technology

For years, David has been talking about this idea that we are all now living in “Digital Babylon.” He popularized this idea with his most recent book, Faith For Exiles. In the book, he outlines that we are no longer living in the Jerusalem-like culture or Christendom that used to exist in America. We are now all occupants of this foreign land called Digital Babylon.

Society in Digital Babylon has very little trust in the Church or interest in Jesus, and if the Church wants to continue to reach lost people in this new medium, we are going to have to change in some major ways. We need to understand how Digital Babylon works in order to reach people in it. We will also need to begin to use “big data” to meet the specific needs of specific people.

3. When crisis hits, look for ways to help people

David, Scott and Carey all made extremely fast pivots when the crisis hit, and those pivots are paying off. How did they know what pivot to make? Well, over the last four decades, Scott has led through many crises. From those experiences, he’s learned that you never waste a crisis. Whenever something shakes the world up, there is a way to better help people. The minute this crisis hit, he began to look for ways to help.

David has spent the last couple of years facing a personal crisis in his wife, Jill’s, battle with cancer. Through that process, he’s learned that it’s important to identify what you’ve lost in a crisis but to look for what’s been gained, as well. When the Coronavirus took over, he was looking for the positives in the sea of negative information.


With every crisis comes peril, but there also comes great opportunity. – Scott BeckCLICK TO TWEET

People don’t gain out of consumption, they gain out of contribution. – Scott BeckCLICK TO TWEET

In crisis, you’re reminded you really don’t control that much except for yourself, your posture, and your commitments. @davidkinnamanCLICK TO TWEET

It’s our job to wrestle with, ‘How do we bring technology into alignment with God’s purposes to be able to accelerate the work that we’re trying to do?’ – Scott BeckCLICK TO TWEET

You can’t have a good relationship with somebody if you don’t really know them. @davidkinnamanCLICK TO TWEET

You absolutely can’t get up every morning now as a leader without being a data-informed leader. @davidkinnamanCLICK TO TWEET

Relationship is the key catalyst in any kind of personal growth journey. – Scott BeckCLICK TO TWEET

As a leader, you need to be able to make decisions with limited amounts of information. – Scott BeckCLICK TO TWEET

Church leaders just don’t seem to understand that you can’t just minister to people an hour-and-a-half every couple of weeks. @davidkinnamanCLICK TO TWEET

Some of us are horse-and-buggy makers in the age of the automobile. @cnieuwhofCLICK TO TWEET


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