You Don’t Need a Coach


One of the questions that we’re often asked at is, ‘Do I really need a coach?’

There seems to be something in many leaders that wants to believe they can figure things out on their own. These leaders want to be the exception and not need any outside help. 

Now, we are an organization dedicated to partnering every leader with a coach. We frequently say that, ‘Every Leader Needs a Coach.’ But one thing we understand is that while every leader needs a coach, some leaders may not be ready for a coach just yet.

Now, before you put yourself into the category that doesn’t need a coach, I wanted to specify the type of leaders who don’t need a coach (yet):

1. Leaders who don’t want to work.

Colin Powell once said, ‘There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.’ If you’re going to be a successful leader, you have to be willing to not just lead with your words, but also with the way that you work. We cannot allow complacency to creep into our lives and our organizations and stop the growth that needs to happen. If you’re not willing to put in the work, there is no amount of coaching that can help you become more successful as a leader.

2. Leaders who don’t want to learn.

Teachability is one of the greatest keys to our growth as leaders. A coach will only be able to help us to the degree that we’re open to learn ways of doing EVERYTHING in our scope of leadership. This is hard, because we have to admit at some point that our preferred methods may not be the most effective methods. But, John Wooden was right when he said, ‘If I am through learning, I am through.’ We have to keep learning. 

3. Leaders who don’t want to change. 

There is a temptation in leadership to believe that if we could just change our team, the city where we’re located, the name of our business, or even get a cash infusion, then everything would turn around. And, although SOME of that may be true, the first thing that needs to change is the leader. If we’re pointing at everyone else as the cause of our problems, we ignore one of the foundational quotes of leadership from John Maxwell, ‘Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership.’ If coaching is going to help us, then we must be grip our methods, styles, and approaches with open hands, willing to change the way that we lead so that we can become the leader that we know that we can become. 

Leaders who fall into these categories may not need a coach just yet. But here’s what I believe about you:

  • You are ready to put the work in to get to the next level.
  • You are hungry to learn what’s necessary to grow beyond where you are.
  • You willingly embrace change personally to become the best version of yourself.

While some leaders may not be ready for a coach….I believe coaching could be the right next step for you in the season ahead to realize your full potential.

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