106: How God Takes Your Struggles and Shame and Transforms Them Into Significance (mark Stuart of Audio Adrenaline)



On Today’s Episode:

Mark Stuart, former lead singer of the Christian rock band Audio Adrenaline joins the Men Unplugged podcast to chat with host, Jeff Jerina to share life lessons from his past, trials the Lord has delivered him from, and ultimately how when you feel abandoned by God, He’s still there, taken you into deep waters, to do something new and better, something that will move you into a life of significance and purpose. See all the resources and links mentioned in this episode at the bottom of this post, including a link to Mark Stuart’s Book. See Section Titled – Resources Mentioned below.

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Mark Stuart (bio):

Mark Stuart, is best known as the lead vocalist for the Christian rock band Audio Adrenaline, He now travels full time with his wife, Aegis, and their two children, Journey and Christela, in their family RV. Say what? Mark’s story is the perfect example of what it’s like to have achieved success by the world’s standards, only to seemingly lose everything. He offers a unique perspective on how God uses our brokenness for his glory and can also speak directly into the lure of fame and the rapidly changing Christian music industry. Listeners will be interested in Mark’s past as a Christian rock star, but ultimately leave feeling encouraged and motivated to and God’s true purpose in their lives and seek what it means to truly live for Him.

Key Points:

  • Abundance of God’s Kingdom – it’s entering into the awareness of the Kingdom of God
  • In the middle of trials lean into God. Don’t lean away. Because he’s leading you into something bigger. Something more significant. James 4:8
  • The Lord is going to do whatever it takes to get your attention. Whether it’s a broken career, damaged relationship, personal struggle, or something else. What we have to do is trust in His timing and His method and not ours.

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