How to Keep Your Phone from Blowing Up


Too many leaders have zero peace because every small decision and question lands in their lap every day.

Sound familiar?

I’ve learned that every organization is perfectly structured for the growth it’s getting NOW.

Your solution comes down to restructuring in a way that best positions your organization for growth and best positions you life for peace.

Making the courageous decision to restructure your team means you can adequately develop and care for people, lead people instead of manage them, and declutter communication.

Here are 3 Things You’ve Got To Do To Restructure Your Team

1. Build a “One Pizza” Team

Jeff Bezos claims he does not want more people in a meeting that he can split 2 pizzas with. He calls it the “2 Pizza Rule.”

Most of us are not as brilliant or gifted as Jeff, so I’m actually a fan of the “One Pizza Team.” I don’t want more people in my regular meetings or reporting to me than I can split a pizza with.

Highly capable leaders struggle having more people reporting to them than can split a pizza. It’s overwhelming. All-consuming. Plus, inexperienced leaders won’t get better if you’ve got experienced people over them with no time, bandwidth or energy to invest.

Go ahead and build the “One Pizza Infrastructure.”

2. Keep a Healthy Balance Between Projects + Products

Nelson Searcy says there are two categories of staff members: Products + Projects.

Products are those who hit the ground running, are experienced, have led at the size the organization currently is, and are not overwhelmed by complexities. Projects are those who are green, inexperienced, often young, and still developing.

People don’t necessarily get better with experience unless they’ve got someone more experienced and seasoned coaching them, challenging them, encouraging them.

Don’t have all Products or all Projects on your team. The organization will grow unhealthy with too many of either. Match Projects with Products. Practically, for every 3-4 Projects, you need a Product developing each?
You don’t need more staff people…you need the right staff people.

3. Clearly Define Authority + Influence

Don’t be the leader who gives someone responsibly without giving them authority. Allow the Products on your team to share the burden, the weight and the authority of leading.

Every team member needs to clearly know the answer to two questions:

Who am I responsible for? Who answers to me.

Who am I responsible to? Who I answer to.

Clarity for these questions is defined by one primary criteria: Who performs their performance review. There needs to be one person responsible for each persons development and review. Empower the Products on your team to review, develop and hire or fire.

If you’re overwhelmed by your phone blowing up and never having enough time to do what you’re doing….it’s time to restructure!

Shrink the number of team members you care for and meet with; Allow the seasoned team members to lead products under their own span of care; and push the small decisions down to those you’ve delegated to.

Want growth?

Want peace?

Let go and empower.

Then, you’ll experience the growth…and peace you long for!


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