The Most Critical Step In Introducing Change

When it comes to making changes, and doing so successfully, whether that change is:

  • In a home
  • In an organization
  • In a business
  • In a church

The way you introduce change is equally important to the change you introduce.

That’s the most critical step. The way you begin will impact everything else. It’s like a first impression – very hard to come back from if done wrong. If you want the change to be effective, you’ve got to invest time in introducing it well – especially to those that will be most impacted by the change.

And that often means using intentionality in:
Communication – And you can’t over communicate.
People – And this is where you probably need a Stakeholder Analysis .
Timing – And remember speed of change is always relative.
Steps – And the bigger the change the more you need to invest time in the plan.
But the way change is introduced – the way you begin the process of change – will almost always be an important part of whether or not the change is successful.