When Does a Church Need a Modest Revitalization? – Revitalize & Replant


Sometimes a wholesale revitalization isn’t what’s needed in a church. More often than not, small changes can make a big difference. Today, we discuss eight of those times.


  • It’s entirely possible for a church to be growing numerically yet still be in dire need of revitalization.
  • Apathy is dangerous for a pastor or church staff member.
  • One of the biggest dangers for pastors is ignoring conflict and not addressing it.
  • The size and impact of your ministry footprint is more important than the numbers in the pews.

The eight times we discuss are:

  1. Almost every year
  2. When attendance stagnates or declines
  3. When leaders become apathetic
  4. When conflicts increase
  5. When the community is neglected
  6. When the facilities are neglected
  7. When the welcome team/greeters gather in holy huddles
  8. When there are few conversions