Why All Church Leaders Can Benefit from a Career Coach



Asking for help is rarely easy. Reaching out can feel humbling or defeating. However, nobody working on a church staff needs to carry the burdens they encounter alone. Asking for help is part of doing the job well.

You may be used to asking for help from your own team, but the Unicorn leaders in the church also stay connected with a career coach.

Some of the many benefits of partnering with a career coach are:

  • Assistance creating attainable goals toward your mission and vision.
  • Planning and accountability to achieve your goals.
  • Guidance in preventing (or recovering from) burnout.
  • Perspective for building self-awareness necessary to steward your strengths and weaknesses.

Every church leader can benefit from coaching. The goal is to grow, while avoiding the low points that could harm your ministry. Ministry work requires spiritual and emotional investment of leaders, often leaving them vulnerable to emotional and spiritual warfare. Time off and working hours are often subject to the needs of others. That’s why the ministry of career coaching exists.

Whether you are thriving or sinking, a coach wants to partner with your success. Look for signs pointing toward reaching out to a career coach, including:

  • Your job involves you serving others at the expense of your own needs.
  • You don’t know what personal growth looks like in the position you are in.
  • You are exhausted from holding the team together during the pandemic, loss, or hardships.
  • You are challenged with speaking truth and grace over divisive issues.

Don’t wait until your ministry suffers because of your weakness. Recognizing your limitations will strengthen your leadership. What you want to avoid is looking back at the cost of your mistakes and realize you wish you sought help earlier.

There are many ways to seek help. Namely, conferences, discipleship, and reading reputable books can offer insight. However, there’s nothing like coaching – the targeted expert advice specific to your situation cannot compare.

When seeking a career coach, look for someone who understands your motivations. Partner with a career coach who considers coaching to be their own ministry. Choose someone who understands the challenges of being a church leader and shares a heart for your mission.

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