How to Create a Culture of Innovation and Creativity


Innovation and creativity are hallmarks of a great organization. They know what they do well, think about what to do next, and then innovate to get there.

It’s not always easy. Sometimes, you stumble and struggle along the way. You may even wonder why you desired to be considered innovative and creative. 

I think about this even as I type these words. I think about what I need to do to innovate and inspire you. I have to find the creativity within me to do so.

Sometimes, it’s easy to be creative. Other times, I start, stop, and start over again. However, I use a few tips and tricks to inspire the innovation needed to continue creating. These methods transfer over to business and life as well.

How To Create A Culture Of Innovation And Creativity

You can use my steps to spark creativity in my writing, relationships, and organization to do so in yours as well. Here are four ways you can create that culture of innovation and creativity where you are!

1. Foster a culture of learning:

How do I continue to create and move forward? I never stop learning. I look for ideas and inspiration in emails, movies, other people, and more.

You have to foster a culture of learning if you want a culture of innovation and creativity.

The more people are learning in your organization, the more they’re growing. They’re seeing things in a new light. They’re looking for ways to apply what they’re learning.

Help your team learn.

2. Get feedback:

I see a lot of thinkers saying that you have to create a shared workspace or an open office to breed creativity. They say an open office will allow team members to brainstorm, create relationships, and grow together. 

When you talk to the people in the shared workspace, you discover it’s the complete opposite. They’re disgruntled because there’s little to no privacy, conversations can be heard throughout the office, and they feel that if they should be in a shared office, so should leadership (which rarely happens).

Seek out feedback from your people. Find out whether they would like an open office setup, private office, or hybrid work. You’ll discover their needs and then can work to create the culture of creativity that you desire.

Remember, if your team can’t concentrate and focus on their work, they won’t be able to create their best work. Get feedback on what works for them.

3. Create free-flowing information:

Too many organizations horde their information. Department A doesn’t know what Department B does. There’s no communication between the two. Thus, there’s no exchange of ideas.

Bridge the communication gap within the organization. Find ways to get your team members to share their information with other departments and leaders.

The more information is shared, the more creativity can be sparked. All it takes is one insight from another department to revolutionize your organization.

4. Be generous in rewarding innovation:

If you want more innovation, you have to be willing to reward innovation. The rewards don’t have to be a raise. They can be as simple as a catered lunch, a well-written thank you note (Do not use AI to write these!), or complimentary tickets to their favorite concert.

Look for ways to reward innovation and creativity when you see it happen. As people begin to realize others are paying attention, they’ll start to seek out ways to innovate and create.