5 Leadership and Personal Development Books to Read In January 2024


As the calendar turns to a new year, many people are looking for ways to improve their family life, personal life, and career. New Year Resolutions are made (approximately 80% of those are broken by February).

I know you, though. You’re not the normal New Year’s Resolution maker. You know how to make a commitment and stick with it. You want to grow, improve, and become more than what you were.

Today, I’m bringing you five of the best books on leadership and personal development. Because of that, some of these books are not new. They’re 20, 30, or even more years old. These books contain wisdom that has been passed down through the ages and has helped millions of people to improve their lives.

Are you ready? I hope so!

5 Leadership And Personal Development Books To Read In January 2024

1. How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie: 

How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie is a classic personal development book. It was first published in 1936 and continues to be a best-seller today. In fact, as of the date I’m writing this post, the book is ranking as #1 in multiple categories on Amazon.

I’ve read through this book multiple times. Each time, I find some new nuggets of wisdom to use in my life.

Whether it’s to remember people’s names or treat people with respect or to listen well, the strategies laid out in How To Win Friends And Influence People will change your life.

PS: Read my review of How To Win Friends And Influence People here.

Get your copy today.

2. Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking (Overcome Toxic Thought Patterns and Take Control of Your Mindset) by Jon Acuff: 

Far too many people allow their self-talk and overthinking to control their lives. These things could be considered soundtracks.

In Jon Acuff’s book, Soundtracks, he helps the reader tackle overthinking and remove toxic, negative thoughts from their lives.

What would it be like to remove overthinking as you move into the new year? How could eliminating toxic thoughts change your life?

Soundtracks will help you do that as long as you implement what Acuff shares. 

Pick up Soundtracks to change your soundtrack.

3. The Power of Self-Discipline: 5-Minute Exercises to Build Self-Control, Good Habits, and Keep Going When You Want to Give Up by Peter Hollins:

No one likes to have self-discipline. It takes effort and energy to control ourselves and our actions. It can even feel stifling.

But, author Peter Hollins makes a case for self-discipline and the methods you can implement to live a disciplined life. Hollins helps you, the reader, make willpower the automatic default. By the time you’re done reading The Power Of Self-Discipline, you won’t even notice the effort it takes to be self-disciplined.

Pick up your toolbox today.

4. The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur: The Tell-it-Like-it-is Guide to Cleaning Up in Business, Even if You Are at the End of Your Roll by Mike Michalowicz:

Many of us love our careers and jobs but want to take the next step into something we own. We want to build our livelihood. We want to build something secure.

What if you could?

Mike Michalowicz helps entrepreneurs and leaders who may be at the end of their roll (haha, get it?). In The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, Michalowicz guides readers on how to launch, manage, and grow their business. He also pushes you to take action today.

First order of business? Order your copy today.

5. Didn’t See It Coming: Overcoming the Seven Greatest Challenges That No One Expects and Everyone Experiences by Carey Nieuwhof:

This is one of my most recommended books. Carey Nieuwhof has experienced burnout and doesn’t want anyone else to experience it. His experience with burnout was so bad that he considered suicide. Thank God he chose a different path.

He outlines his experience in Didn’t See It Coming and helps other leaders make decisions that will steer them away from this decision. If you’re on the edge of burnout or don’t even see it as something along your road, you need this book.

Grab a copy and devour it.


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