Vanderunicorn Spotlight: Bryson Isom Is the Fast


With over 30,000 interviews to our name, Vanderbloemen has mastered the art of identifying the best. It comes down to 12 data-driven traits that set the greatest workers apart as “Unicorns,” as William Vanderbloemen’s new book Be The Unicorn explains. 

But even the best aren’t expected to master all 12 traits simultaneously. Excellence in just one of these traits can qualify a candidate for a vital role on your team. We believe each member of our team of experts exemplifies these traits in various ways, and we’ve chosen one person to highlight how each trait translates in the workplace.

Meet our first VanderUnicorn, Bryson Isom

The first trait that can define a Unicorn staff member is their ability to be fast consistently. William writes in Be the Unicorn: “People who focus on rapid responsiveness will have a distinct advantage over the rest. It’s the trait that can quickly set people apart from the rest, and the best part is, you can learn it.”

Being The Fast is as simple as forming a new habit – responsiveness.

Among our team of ridiculously responsive employees, Account Manager Bryson Isom stands out as one of the quickest.

Bryson says being fast is more than meets the eye. That feeling of being forgotten contrasts sharply with the feeling of being remembered. One stings and frustrates, the other draws people in.

“Deep down, what you really feel [when you’re waiting on someone] is, ‘Do you see me?’” Bryson says. “Being fast is about noticing, seeing, valuing, and caring. Being fast says ‘You matter to me.’”

From there, being fast is simply a way of being. Responding quickly, getting work done quickly, making quick decisions, and being an efficient worker are all part of the daily standards of The Fast.

The slow walk of becoming fast

Like anything, being fast requires practice and repetition. It’s safe to say, becoming fast might be a slow process. There are tools you can implement to help yourself work faster.

“One of the best tools I have found in making decisions is setting a deadline,” Bryson says. 

Sometimes, a decision has to be made, and dwelling on the options will get you and your team nowhere. Making the habit of setting a deadline for these decisions can build your reliability amidst your team. They’ll notice that when tasks get delegated to you, they get done.

For Bryson, his reputation as The Fast has given him credibility as an employee and reliable friend. “Relational Currency,” he calls it.

“Whether it’s my family, co-workers, or clients,” Bryson says, “I want them to know that I see them and care for them.”

We’re so happy to have unicorns on our team like Brysonand we want to equip your team with candidates just like him. To start the search for your own top talent, get in touch today.

To learn more about the 12 traits the best employees share, pre-order Be the Unicorn for yourself, a friend, or even your whole team. Buying in bulk can save you up to 47% off the cover price, plus it comes with bonus content and other extra perks. 

Finally, if you’d like to assess the strengths of your own team, check out the Vander Index, our new tool that’s a companion to Be the Unicorn, based on our years of data collection and experience.


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