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I remember being in a coach’s office as a teenager and reading a quote that was hung on the wall. The quote was by Abraham Lincoln and he said, “It’s better for a man to keep his mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt!”

Proverbs 17:27-28 NLT
27 A truly wise person uses few words; …
28 Even fools are thought wise when they keep silent; with their mouths shut, they seem intelligent.

I have seen this truth play out all my life. If you want to have people listen to your wisdom, strive to be profound versus prolonged. Say what you want to convey in a few impactful words that make your point. Do not belabor the conversation with endless trails of meaningless chatter. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Get to the point quickly.

If you will begin to practice this philosophy, you will find that those you are speaking with will appreciate your conversation much more and they will be able to retain the information you gave them, which will enable them to put action to your words. Results are the ultimate hope and goal of our conversations, right?

James 1:22 – “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”

Therefore our communication should be purposed to lead people to effective actions that build the Kingdom of God, right?

A teacher of mine had a favorite saying, “ God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason. You should listen twice as much as you speak!”

In our world today we have an enormous amount of speaking, but very little listening and even less appropriate action.

Here is a principle you should consider when thinking about communication, when the oil industry is producing an abundance of oil, what happens to the price of gasoline for the consumer? It depreciates or goes down. What happens when the availability of crude oil is scarce? The price of gasoline is very high. So it is with words. If you are consistently filling the air with an abundance of words, the value given to your words has been cheapened. However, if you will heed my words in this short narrative, your words will ring forth like gold. Remember to be profound, not prolonged.

Try it today. Think before you speak. Try to be aware of your words instead of just spilling out anything that crosses your mind. See how people begin to respond to you. I think you will find this a great exercise in maturity. I will guarantee people will respond differently to you.

Leadership is influence! Communication is the basis of life.

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G.F. Watkins
G.F. Watkins is an international leader, speaker, visionary, church planter, and an author of seven books. From his humble beginnings as a high school coach, G.F. has gone on to plant churches around the world starting with PowerHouse Church in Katy, Texas, Powerhouse Namibia in Africa, and PowerHouse Peru in South America.  As a spiritual son to the late Dr. Edwin Louis Cole, father of the modern day men’s movement, G.F. Watkins’ principle of ministry and church planting is the restoration of the world through the restoration of the man. This fundamental belief, that men are God’s answer to the world’s  problems, birthed the world wide movement known as Man Church over 20 years ago.  Man Church teaches that manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous. It is the foundation on which all of PowerHouse Church and its covenant churches are built on. Reach the man, change the family; change the family, change the church; change the church, change the community; change the community, change the city; change the city, change the state; change the state, change the nation; change the nation, change the world. It all begins with men taking responsibility and taking their rightful place. After pastoring PowerHouse Katy for 20 years and planting churches around the globe, G.F. has stepped into the role of an apostolic leader and coach through his organization The Genesis Team. The Genesis team serves as a covering and a resource to pastors and business leaders, their families, and their staff. Sharing the wisdom gained over 30 years of ministry he guides young pastors and leaders as they navigate the obstacles of life. Pastor G.F. travels the world equipping God’s leaders with strategies for increasing commitment levels, developing and growing strong men’s ministries, and impacting the world with the gospel.


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