Getting to Know You: Questions and Answers with Kathi Holcomb


Kathi’s Bio: My name is Kathi Holcomb, and I am the proud wife of Barry Holcomb, a grateful mom to Nathan and Abigail, and mom-in-law to my precious daughter-in-love, Ludmila. Of course, I am also Nana to Claire, my first and only granddaughter. I am a social worker by trade but a Bible study teacher at heart. I have been in the ministry for over thirty years, and my passion for the Word has grown.

Question One: Favorite Hobby?  My favorite hobby is reading.

Question TwoFavorite place to take a vacation? I love the beach, but my first choice is to go to the mountains with my family.

Question Three: How long have you been married? I have been married to Barry Holcomb for 34 years this past year. What are three valuable lessons you have learned about marriage that you would entrust to others today? I have learned three valuable lessons about marriage: 1) Communication is vital and must be practiced. 2) Forgiveness is a non-negotiable if you desire your relationship to improve. 3) Dying to self is one of God’s most transformative tools to shape you into the image of Christ, which is one reason for marriage. 

Question Four: How many kids do you have, and what are their ages? I have two children. Abby is 25, and Nathan is 29.

Question Five: What advice would you give to parents today regarding rearing children? Some advice I would give to parents today would be to lighten up and trust the Lord more in shaping the values and hearts of their children. I guess this means to pray more and not get angry as often.

Question Six: How has God’s Word changed your life? God’s Word has been my delight for years now. I cannot go too many days without “eating” the Word of God, because it has become my joy and delight. His Word has changed my life as the Spirit has used it to convict, train, and teach me through the years. I am continuing to learn that knowing and obeying God’s Word is the only way to become more like Him.

Question Seven: How long have you served in the role of a pastor’s wife? What advice would you give to pastors’ wives today to encourage them in their ministries? I have been a pastor’s wife since 1992, thirty years. My advice to pastors’ wives would be to focus on their personal relationships with the Lord and minister out of that relationship to others. Remember the Lord has called you to something specific, not to be everything to all people. Know this with certainty; everyone will not like you, so stop trying to be a people-pleaser. Know your spiritual gifting and use it to serve the body of Christ. It is ok to say “No,” but make sure you are saying “Yes” to the things God has stirred you up to do. It is ok to put your family first. Know and embrace the truth that God uses suffering and trial as tools in His plan to make us look more like Him, and the ministry is filled with such tools. Make friends, enjoy those relationships with others that God brings into your life, and do meaningful things with them. 

Question Eight: What is one thing you are most passionate about as relates to the local church? The thing I am most passionate about when it comes to the local church is discipleship and the Word of God. We have not made a focal point in this area in church life. I had individuals pour into me as a young believer, and I am grateful, but we have made discipleship more about Bible study groups. Bible study groups are essential but tend to lack accountability and do not multiply disciples. Bible study is needed and is a part of discipleship, but true discipleship is intentional. Discipleship holds others accountable to pray, study the Word, memorize Scripture, and multiply. The study of the Word is enhanced when it is done together with the expectation of obedience. 

Question Nine: If you could speak to your 18-year-old self today, what are two things you would tell her? I would tell my 18-year-old self to rest more in the sovereignty and promises of God and to understand that God uses trials as tools to shape us in His image, so I need to embrace His way and not my own.

Question Ten: What advice would you pass on today as relates to the importance of family? Family is God’s institution to represent Christ and the Church and to teach us the value of dying to self. Family is important but also does not need to become our focus over the Kingdom of God. This is a hard point for many. Family should not be a priority if it takes away kingdom pursuits. We see the focus in our country on activities for our children or ourselves, which take us away from pursuing more excellent spiritual endeavors. Within the family, our children are to learn the way of the Lord and walk in a manner worthy of the Gospel. 

Question Eleven: If you were invited to address the Nation on any one topic, what would that topic be? The topic would have to be repentance, for the Kingdom of God is at hand. Addressing the Nation would be difficult.

Question Twelve: Let’s talk legacy. How do you most want to be remembered by your family, your friends, and your peers? I want to be remembered as a woman of the Word. A mom, wife, sister, daughter, and friend who loved the Word and walked in a manner worthy of the Gospel. I have many faults, and I know some will remember these, but I would love to know that I kept the faith until the end. I would love to see many disciples who could say that I taught them well in the way of Christ and His Word and that they are following the same path.

Question Thirteen: How has Jesus changed your life? Jesus has transformed me from the inside out. How I think and act has changed. My perspective on life and my purpose have been transformed by the renewing of my mind. I am a better wife, mom, and pastor’s wife to the church we serve as a result of Jesus. I cannot do this life without Him and His grace.


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