How Do We Know We’re Winning?


Had a good time so far with our Strategic Partner friends here at North Point. Earlier today, one of the partners talked about the difference between entering a football stadium and entering a church.  Thought it was a good point.

Though it wasn’t his main point, the thought that struck me most deeply was that everyone in the stadium at a football game knows what’s at stake and what a win looks like.  It’s just so clear.

How come it’s not that way at church?

Think about your expectations this weekend.  What does a win look like on Sunday? I think for a lot of Christians a win looks like this:

  • I liked the sermon.
  • They sang the songs I liked.
  • It met my needs.
  • I felt good about it.
  • I talked to some people and had coffee.

Is that really what a win looks like?  Biblically?  Missionally?

What should winning look like or feel like for us?  Would it be better if it was something like this?

  • When our unchurched friends come with us and want to come back.
  • When someone decides to follow Jesus.
  • When someone gets baptized.
  • When we feel God speak to us and we actually change because of it.
  • When a child whose parents are divorcing realizes someone else cares about them, because a small group leader made a connection with her.
  • When a 13 year old boy in Xtreme finds a kid like him who’s interested in Jesus.
  • When a small group leader had a heart to heart with an 18 year old girl whose boyfriend just dumped her.
  • When parents go home with their kids and begin to talk about faith with their kids. 
  • When Christians actually grow in love (I’m increasingly convinced that love, not knowledge, is the key to maturity) and begin to respond to each other and the world with compassion.
  • When we start praying for what breaks God’s heart (a dying world) and stop praying only for what breaks our hearts?
  • When you invited a friend and they didn’t come this week, but they’re watching your life and might accept your invitation next month when you ask again.
  • When we welcome a stranger.
  • When we fill several trucks up with tons of food for those in need in our community.

I could go on.  But what should we start celebrating in our churches?  What does a win look like? 

If the win continues to be “I liked the message and the music, got some coffee and talked to someone”, get an iPod and go to Starbucks. You don’t need church or the Kingdom of God.

So…what does a win look like to you?  What should a win look like to you?  What would give us all cause to celebrate on Sunday?