Dying Before We Die?

Been off line for a day now (not by choice!!!), but I have to relay this neat juxtaposition.

Director Jules Dassin who died this past week.  He made some very influential films many years ago like “Never on Sunday” and worked with top actors like Joan Crawford, Burt Lancaster and Richard Burton.  He made his last film in 1980, and was disappointed with the box office results that he made a decision: he’d never make another film again.

When I heard the story I thought how sad. Who knows what else he could have produced?  Who knows what else he could have done?  28 more years of life, and he chose not to use his primary gifting because of his disappointment with the results of his last film. His demons caught up with him, and it kind of sounds like he stopped living long before he died.  He spent the last 14 years returning a statue to Greece.

I heard this on Monday, the same day I spent the morning with Chris Vacher, who works on staff at Orangeville Baptist Church.  Chris is probably one of the brightest church leaders in Canada I’ve met in a while.  Optimistic, plenty of vision, gifted, intelligent, strategic, connected and full of passion for what God has called him to do, he completely energized me.  I love leaders who dig into vision and run with it.

We all have God given talent.  It runs in different directions, but we all have it.  Life can suck the passion out of our talent, and a small defeat can turn into a huge obstacle in our minds.  Sad about the director. Pumped about Chris.  We can’t let life grind our gifts into the ground.  Leaders like Chris remind me to keep living every second for what imagines it to be.

You Deserve to Stop Living at an Unsustainable Pace. How to Get Your Time, Energy, and Priorities Working In Your Favor.

Wow! I didn’t realize I was in desperate need of this message and system in my life and business. 

This message so profoundly impacted us, that we named our annual company theme, “At Our Best,” using Carey’s system and resources to strengthen our culture and make health a priority this year.”

Sean CannellFounder and CEO, Think Media

Without a new strategy and approach, it’s easy to continue to:

  • Sacrifice family on the altar of work
  • Overcommit and underdeliver
  • Have no time for what you actually want to do
  • Struggle to get time off to refuel and relax

Worst of all, other people—other tasks, jobs, and projects—will continue to hijack your life.

It’s time to change that by implementing a strategy that works.

At Your Best is a proven strategy to get your time, energy, and priorities working in your favor.

It’s a step-by-step online course with video modules, tools, tips, and lessons that help you break the stress spiral and find up to 15 productive hours each week.

50,000+ leaders have used the At Your Best strategy to escape the stress spiral and finally do what they want to do—grow their organizations, advance their careers, launch new ventures, be far more present at home, and take regular time off.

Whatever you choose to do with it is up to you.