My Head Hurts from Hitting Too Many Glass Ceilings

I’ve been thinking a lot about glass ceilings.  You know the expression — we say the sky’s the limit but in reality, there’s a ceiling that prevents us from achieving what’s promised.  The limit is hard to see at first, but it’s there.

Here’s where my brain is in the last month: how many glass ceilings are self-imposed?

I say God can do anything.  Do I believe it?  Do I live it?  How much is the chatter in my head stopping me from realizing God’s potential?  Do I really live like I’m forgiven?  Like Jesus rose from the dead?  Do I actually believe God has entrusted us with a slice of the Kingdom of God? Do I really believe the Kingdom of God is advancing and the gates of hell won’t prevail against it?  Do I live like I don’t want my friends to go to hell?  Do I live like communities and lives can be transformed by the power of Christ? Do I?

I believe all this stuff.  But do I actually live like it’s real?  Truly…

I think the potential for this is huge.  Think about your marriage, your church, your community, your thought life, your giving, your parenting, your whatever.  Hitting your head against glass ceilings you yourself have created?

I’m going to stop reaching for the Advil and hit against them one more time…praying God gives me the strength to shatter some.  What about you?