Three Ways to Embrace Transition In Order to Flourish

There are many reasons why you may need to make changes within your organization or even terminate a staff member. We’ve helped many organizations restructure and plan succession for key leaders. Here are a few ways that you can create a culture that thrives in seasons of transition.

1. Communication is key

While you should not make major structural changes every year, it’s critical that you constantly evaluate your mission and what the current best practices for how to achieve it are. The first step to embracing change is understanding why that change is being made, and communicating that vision to your team as well. Carefully consider what needs your people have, decide how you can adapt to meet them, and have open communication with them about how these transitions are going to directly benefit their work and your mission. 

2. Look ahead

No matter how good a leader is, and how qualified their successor is, if you don’t have a pre-made succession plan, you will flounder and create unnecessary stress for you and your staff during the transition. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to succession planning, which is why it’s important that you create a succession plan unique to your organization. It’s also important to plan for crises in advance so that you are prepared when situations arise. It may sound obvious, but many people put off succession planning until it’s too late, and they’re already in the midst of an emergency transition, with no guidelines in place as an anchor. If you want to gauge where you are with this today, you can get started with our free Succession Readiness Tool. If you want someone to walk alongside you through the planning, contact us so we can help.

3. Foster a culture that celebrates transitions

Sometimes the best thing you can do for an organization is to say goodbye. It’s important not only to understand when it may be time for you to leave but to also celebrate others when it’s their time to leave too. When you create a culture that celebrates team members as they choose to move on to other things, you show your staff that you value them as individuals more than for what they can do for you. In the long run, this benefits both those that leave and those that choose to stay. 

At Vanderbloemen, we are passionate about helping churches and Christian organizations navigate transitions. We believe that, with the right tools, pruning and growth don’t need to be intimidating. If you’re looking to get started with planning for transitions so that they don’t catch you by surprise, and instead are opportunities for your organization to flourish, contact us.