How to Not Crash and Burn In Your First 90 Days

When starting a new job, the first 90 days can either make or break you. You will either set yourself up for success or overwhelm yourself and burnout quickly. It’s important in your first weeks, rather than trying to jump into the deep end, overturn things, and get major projects started, to instead take time to be patient with yourself, get to know the culture and systems in place, and learn from the people around you. Ultimately, your role in the first 90 days is to be an observer and listener rather than an implementer. Successions  and transitions are difficult and take a good measure of discernment and discipline, so it’s important to know how to do them well. Having worked in hiring and succession for the past 11 years, we here at Vanderbloemen are experts in job transitions and have plenty of resources for helping you navigate the first weeks of a new role. 

Check out these resources, including blogs, podcasts, and videos, that can help you discern how to best navigate your first 90 days and set yourself up to thrive rather than just survive. 

How to crush your first 90 days:

Tips for surviving transitions, instead of letting them overwhelm you:

Thriving in your first days specifically in leadership: 

Best practices for success in any new role: