Dare to Believe: Week Six


Paul learned an all important lesson, one we would do well to learn. Why do you think Paul had to ask three times to get a response? Well, first of all, look at how it says Paul pleaded. This shows you what Paul believed about his circumstances. They were more than he could imagine. His mind was unable to conceive of God’s power to deliver him.

Maybe you have felt like this too. You may be overwhelmed right now. Remember what Paul learned—God’s ability was so much bigger and superior to the problem no matter how bad it looked.

Paul immediately saw that the weaker he seemed, the stronger he really was because God’s grace was all-sufficient. Let us give God praise as well. This is how you express your faith. Your situation will change—guaranteed. God is bigger.

“Father, I pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation today. Help me to see the crisis of life as it really is. If I seem weak, help me to see and respond to the strength that I have in You. Thank you for Your grace and Your unwavering belief in me.”


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