What Do You Have to Offer?


Do you know what you have to offer? Have you even considered the possibility YOU have something to offer?

We all have something to offer. Not all of us are offering what we have.

The Gateway Church in Spring Lake, Mi picks an organization to support every year. Last year, we focused heavily on Team World Vision and bringing clean water to those in need.

This year, our focus has shifted. We’ve begun to lean in heavily and focus our efforts on garnering support for Project Rescue. Project Rescue is a great organization with a great mission.

They exist to rescue and restore victims of sexual slavery through the love and power of God.

That’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

For Team World Vision, we asked our congregation to move their feet to raise money for clean water. This year, we did something different. We empowered our people (youth and children included!) to do something impactful.

2021 is the 20th anniversary for The Gateway Church. In honor of this, we chose to give $20 to every person who was willing to take the money and try to transform it into something more (this reminded me of LaSalle Street Church in Chicago who gave every member of their church $500 to do something).

The results have been fantastic.

  • An 8-year-old took her $20 and made Valentine’s Day bags. Each bag was sold for a suggested donation of $7. She sold out of the original 8 and had to make more!
  • Pastor Ben purchased a Big Bertha tube at a thrift store and sold it on Facebook for $100.
  • Another member began painting again. She sold her paintings and donated the money to Project Rescue.
  • A married couple chose to paint as well. They began to create new artwork and sell it.
  • Students used their money to buy candy. They then sold the candy and raised additional funds.

Each person participating in this event had some to offer. They had their unique skills, abilities, and imagination. What they did with it was mind-blowing!

What Do You Have To Offer?

While I can’t give each reader $20 to do something special, I can give you something else. I can give you the belief in yourself that you have something to offer someone.

You will have to figure out exactly what that thing is but you need to discover it.

You may be able to offer:

  • A listening shoulder
  • A compliment
  • A new job opportunity to someone needing a job
  • An encouragement when a team member screws up
  • A gift card to help a homeless person get a meal
  • A shovel or snowblower that you can use to clear someone’s yard (or maybe it’s a lawn mower to mow your widowed neighbor’s grass)
  • A thought or idea to help your organization to grow

We all have something to offer. We only have to look at ourselves and figure out what we can offer.

I hope the ideas above helped you think of something.

Let’s use your unique gifts, thoughts, and ideas to change the world. This can be at work, at home, at church, or out in the world. You can do this. I believe in you.


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