Maintaining a Thankful Heart


Writing to the Corinthians, we hear the Apostle Paul declare that we are ambassadors for CHRIST (II Cor. 5:20). An ambassador has one primary responsibility-to promote interest of the one he represents.

The interest of the Father are clearly revealed through His Word, not in an individual verse, but rather as we look at the Word from a birds-eye view. From this position it becomes clear that through the Gospels we find His first interest. The book of Acts reveals His second interest. And through the Epistles we discover the third.

So much should and could be said about these issues, however, one thought seems to rise to the forefront. And that is this – can we be an ambassador for Him publicly if we have failed to be an ambassador for Him inwardly, personally first and foremost?

How could it be possible to encourage others to become born again if we have failed to maintain our thrill about being born-again personally? Can we expect to sell others on the importance of being spirit-filled and the value of spiritual maturity if we have lost our personal zeal concerning these issues ourselves? Therefore, the maintenance of our “thrill” must be a priority if we are to influence our world with the interest of our Heavenly Father. How is this “thrill” to be maintained? It occurs through thanksgiving!

We can fan the coals of our “thrill” by remembering and expressing gratitude concerning the fact that we were once blind by the god of this world, but now we see clearly (II Cor. 4:4). Consider that we were once in this world, without hope and without Christ. But now we have Christ in us, the hope of glory (Eph.2:12, Col. 1:27). Remember the fact that we used to live in the kingdom of darkness, but now we have been translated into the kingdom of His dear Son (Col. 1:13). Oh Glory! Give thanks for the fact that we used to be unrighteous but now we have been made righteous (IICor.5: 21). We are now called the sons of God…that means, dear reader, that we have family rights and family privileges with God Almighty…Glory to God! How could we spend time thinking of such things and not give thanks!

Taking time to rehearse the benefits of the spirit-filled life will surely put a glimmer in our eyes. Oh, how good is it to pray for things of which we know not how to pray as we should (Rom.8:26). Consider the fact that we can pray about things that are a mystery unto us (II Cor. 14:2). And that it is a means through which we may become spiritually edified (II Cor. 14:4).

SPIRITUALLY MATURITY Lastly, we must take time to remember the baby stage of our lives in Christ, when we were carnal as Paul described in I Corinthians 3:1-3. Consequently, things such as adultery, drunkenness, and hatred were the fruit of our being flesh ruled (Gal. 5:19-21). But God gave us His Word that we may grow thereby and put away childish things (1 Pet. 2:2, 1Cor. 13:11). Oh, give thanks…that we have grown to the point that we are no longer tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine (Eph.4:14).

Giving thanks for our spiritual maturity will create within us an appreciation of our spiritual progress. However, greater than this, it will heighten our aware- ness that we posses an ability to assist fellow Christians who have been over taken in a fault (Gal. 6:1).

We are the only ambassadors our loving Father has within this world. As the end of time draws nearer, it is imperative that His ambassadors be about the business of promoting His interest as opportunities arise. But when they arise, may they find that we are full of gratitude and “thrilled” with what the Lord has done for us! Rev. Doug Jones has been teaching the Word of God in full-time ministry since 1975. Since entering into the ministry, he has served as an associate pastor and pastor. He is currently an instructor at Rhema Bible Training Center. He also travels extensively throughout the United States ministering the principles of God’s Word.

By: Reverend Doug Jones


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