It’s a New Day!


At the beginning of this new millennium, God spoke to me of great things to come.

God said, “You are going to see a move of God like you have never seen before.” He said for those of us who were hungry, He would do new things in our lives and ministries. New things that He has never done before. The world has not seen, nor felt, the compassion of what He is about to do. This move is going to be a move of God’s compassion and love for humanity.

There is going to be a freshness on the prophet’s mantle and freshness on the true apostle. (We have used these terms too loosely.) There is going to be a fresh and compassionate anointing on the shepherd, the teacher and the true evangelist.

All of a sudden you will wake up one morning and everything will be different; that’s what is going to happen. I saw His compassion like a ball, a bubble, and when the devil hit that ball, he bounced right off. The ball is God’s glory, and the devil can’t penetrate this glory! In the glory is the full measure of God’s compassion and love. The slates will be washed clean, and the devil will be pushed back because of the glory. Hallelujah!

The saints that have gone on before us, such as Smith Wigglsworth, Lester Sumrall and others, longed to see our day. I’m telling you, there is going to be such an unleashing pf God’s compassion and love, and then we’re going to get out of here. The church is still here because God isn’t coming after a sick church. He isn’t coming after a broke church. He isn’t coming after a defeated church. He is coming after a glorious church!

We still have time to get our churches and sheep sheds up, because there is going to be a huge harvest of souls. It’s going to be done by His love and compassion for mankind. Compassion and love will draw the sheep in, not wrath. It’s going to happen! I see it! I see it coming! Glory be to God!

There has been a lot of teaching about different types of anointing: the anointed Word, the Anointed One, and the tangible anointing, but now we are coming into the glory, the crooked places will be made straight. Where there was a crippled arm, it will be made new. Where there was a dilapidated mind, it will be made whole. If you don’t have arms or legs, new ones will appear. If you are in a wheelchair, you will come out of it, because of His manifested compassion and love.

In my own ministry, we are seeing people, once confined to wheelchairs, being set free and out mowing their own lawns with pushing mowers. Over and over again, we are seeing tumors completely disappear. So many are being delivered and completely set free from cancer. Glory to God! We’re seeing God’s favor and compassion in the financial realm, too. something is happening-and it is starting to grow! Are you ready? Are you hungry? Are you expecting?

God sees gold in you! Hallelujah! Many of you feel inadequate or unqualified, but He sees gold m you. Our heavenly Father has a plan for you, it’s your time!

What has God told you to do? What is His job description for you? Not what somebody else told you to do, but what did God tell you to do? God is going to be speeding things up, so fasten on your safety belt of truth and your shield of faith. Remember it is your responsibility to keep your spirits stirred up, your expectancies high, your faith activated, and to keep out all disappointment, discouragement, oppression, and depression.

God will anoint you to fulfill your job description, just learn to do the trusting and allow God to do the doing.

It’s a new day and God is in the driver’s seat, are you ready for the ride of your life?


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