Being Naturally Supernatural


LET ME BRING to your attention a word we so frequently hear—SUPERNATURAL—but I question whether or not we actually understand it! Just to say the word sounds intriguing! What comes to mind might be the spirit world or simply, unreal. Thoughts tend to run wild with excitement as we contemplate the possibility of the supernatural… blessings from God’s realm!

IF you were to recount crises and circumstances that you’ve encountered over the past years, what difference would the supernatural have made? Can you imagine how amazing life could have been if the powers of God had flowed abundantly with supernatural intervention?

IF a believer could see beyond the NATURAL and comprehend life through the eyes of the SUPER-NATURAL, just think how the stress level would drop to near zero! Is not this the dream of every Christian? After all, shouldn’t we be destined for this kind of life?

OKAY… Now let’s stop for a moment and look at this word. The word “Supernatural” in and of itself is part of the smokescreen Satan has used through the ages to describe events that seem only to happen once in a while. This is tragic. And WHY is it a tragedy? What we have been calling “Supernatural” should really be our NATURAL or normal realm of living. THINK with me…if God’s love, power and spiritual blessings, having the ability to change every facet of your life, were the norm or NATURAL, then everyone would come to expect a daily continual flow of God’s grace in their lives. Isn’t this what we’ve longed to have?

STAY with me…Conversely, what we have termed “Natural” in our lives describes what is worldly and satanic. We have considered negative influences and crises to be the natural or expected way to live. Just this acknowledgment alone is enough to give each negative work substance or tangibility. But how can we change this? SIMPLY by renaming the things we have thought to be natural as “Unnatural”. Can you see already how this wording changes what we’ve come to accept as NATURAL to actually be unacceptable? Sickness is not normal, it’s unnatural. Death, poverty, calamity and every other evil is unnatural. Anything that would contend for your spirit and keep you from having fellowship with God is UNNATURAL.

TODAY I challenge you to mentally make a change in the way you view your life. Be careful of UNNATURAL involvement—which can be the everyday things we do—that distracts you from God and immediately embrace God and His grace. Consider your journey with God and the grace that empowers you to HAVE normal and natural experiences that will occur with ease every day of your life… the DREAM of every believer!


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